How fast can a Nordic Tug go?

How fast can a Nordic Tug go?

The Nordic Tug 37 offers comfortable cruising at any speed, from idle to wide-open throttle. Its sweet spots at about 9 knots, 12 knots and 14.5 knots give a wide choice of pacing for your cruise — and even the faster 14.5-knot cruise speed allows 1.5-mpg fuel economy (not bad for a 22,000-pound boat).

How much do Nordic Tugs cost?

Nordic Tugs Yachts for Sale Ranging from $100,000 to $300,000.

Where is Nordic Tug built?

Burlington, Washington
Nordic Tugs is highly regarded as the builder of solid and ruggedly built boats in Burlington, Washington. Besides its great reputation, Nordic Tugs is somewhat unique in that it is also the only trawler builder currently building a model for everyone.

What is the smallest Nordic Tug?

Nordic Tug 26
It is truly fitting that being the first and smallest in the Nordic Tugs family puts the Nordic Tug 26 at the very top of Nordic Tugs’ continued success story. Displacement: 8,500 lbs.

How much is a new Nordic Tug 26?

The introductory price for the “new” 26 is $187,500.

What do tug boats do?

Tugs are special boats that assist other vessels into and out of port. The primary purpose of these boats is to help move larger ships by towing, pushing, and guiding. Many even have fire suppression and other systems to help the larger ships.

Are Nordic Tugs Trailerable?

The 26 is a versatile little boat and due to its size, it’s actually trailerable. Nordic Tugs had an agreement with a trailer manufacturer to provide custom trailers to move the boat by land or to store it out of the water for winter.

How much does a Nordic Tug 26 cost?

What kind of boat is the Nordic tug 37?

Nordic Tug 37: A right-size, right-crafted cruiser. While early models of the 37 featured a bolt-on swim step, Nordic Tug has retooled the molds, lengthening the waterline by incorporating the swim step as part of the hull. It was a dismal day for a boat test. My car’s windshield wipers beat a staccato rhythm as the rain came down in sheets.

How big is the Nordic tug at sea trial?

Nordic Tug 37: Sea Trial Length 39’10” Beam 12’11” Draft 4′ Weight 22,000 pounds Fuel capacity 324 galloons

How much does it cost to fuel a Nordic tug?

However, we’d had such a good time aboard the Nordic Tug 37 on this soggy morning, we were almost sad to see the rain go away. (Estimated fuel cost based on a fuel price of $1.88 per gallon.) Onan EQ Series 5 kw auxiliary generator; Espar heater; Lofrans windlass; VacuFlush head system; Ultrasuede interior.

What kind of resin does Nordic tug use?

Nordic Tugs then lays in the cloth by hand, using vinylester resins as the skin coat. More expensive than traditional polyester resin, vinylester is not water permeable, and it prevents blistering of the fiberglass hull.

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