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Who is Alan Buxton?

Who is Alan Buxton?

Adam Offord Buxton (born 7 June 1969) is an English comedian, writer, podcaster, and actor. They presented the Channel 4 television series The Adam and Joe Show (1996–2001) and the BBC Radio 6 Music series Adam and Joe (2007–2009, 2011).

Are Adam and Joe still friends?

The toughest bit about the show was having to work with your best friend. To have your living tied into your friendship is a weird thing. But we’re still close friends. And making The Adam and Joe Show was a scream.

What has happened to the Adam Buxton podcast?

Acast, the creator-first podcast company, has extended its long-standing relationship with Acast Creator Network show The Adam Buxton Podcast. Acast will continue to host, distribute and monetise the smash-hit podcast, which recently released its 150th episode and has had more than 65 million all-time listens.

How old is Adam Buxton?

52 years (June 7, 1969)
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Who is Adam Buxton father?

Nigel Buxton
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Nigel Edward Buxton (29 May 1924 – 30 November 2015) was a British travel writer and wine critic, also known for appearing as BaaadDad in the Channel 4 comedy series The Adam and Joe Show.

How tall is Adam Buxton?

5′ 7″
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Who was Adam Buxton’s father?

Where is Adam Buxton?

Adam Buxton here. I was born on the Goldhawk Road in London, England on June 7th 1969. Not in the middle of the road you understand, but in a hospital. I identify as short and I live near Norwich with my wife, three children and Rosie the dog (a whippet/poodle cross).

Who is Adam Buxton married to?

Sarah Buxton
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How tall is Adam Buxton in feet?

Where does Adam Buxton live in the UK?

Buxton lives near Norwich with his wife, Sarah, their three children and dog, Rosie. ^ “Adam Buxton and Edith Bowman: a new double act to warm up weekend winter mornings on 6 Music”.

When did Adam Buxton start his own podcast?

In 2015, he launched The Adam Buxton Podcast, in which he interviews comedians, authors, musicians, and celebrities. He has appeared on panel shows including Would I Lie To You?, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown .

When did Adam Buxton start his tour Bug?

In July 2012, Buxton appeared in a TV version of his tour Bug on Sky Atlantic, Adam Buxton’s BUG. He started performing the show in 2007, and has continued to tour the Bug show as well as hosting it regularly at the BFI in London.

Where did Adam Buxton go to high school?

Adam’s mother, Valerie (née Birrell), was Chilean. Buxton was educated at Windlesham House School in Pulborough, West Sussex, then Westminster School, London. At Westminster, he befriended his future comedy partner Joe Cornish and future documentarian Louis Theroux.

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