Who plays Max in Violetta?

Who plays Max in Violetta?

Facundo Gambandé
Maximiliano “Maxi” Ponte is one of the many students from Studio 21. His best friends are Francesca and Camila, and later, he becomes close friends with Violetta. He is especially good at dancing and hip-hop music. Maxi is portrayed by Facundo Gambandé.

Who does Ludmila end up with?

At the end of Season 2, Ludmila was very upset because her plan with Diego didn’t work out as they planned, and they failed once again. But when Federico returned the Studio, she started to have feelings for him. In the end, they kissed and became a couple.

Do Ludmila and Violetta become friends?

They didn’t get along because Ludmila annoyed Violetta and hurt her. Ludmila always tried to make Violetta feel inferior and she always tried to get her to leave the Studio. In season 3, they actually end up becoming close to each other, and Violetta also helped her when her mother was mean to Ludmila.

Are Violetta and Ludmila related?

Priscila Ferro Priscila is Ludmila’s mother. They have a strained relationship. Ludmila mainly grew up with just her mother because after her parents divorced her father moved to Africa.

Who is the father of Ludmila?

George of Poděbrady

Ludmila of Poděbrady
Noble family House of Poděbrady
Spouse(s) Frederick I of Legnica
Father George of Poděbrady
Mother Johana of Rožmitál

Why do Leon and Violetta break up in Season 3?

Angry and believing that Violetta kissed him voluntarily, Leon runs off and in Episode 21, they break up.

How many times do Violetta and Leon kiss?

Both León and Violetta are immensely in love with each other. They both composed “Abrázame Y Verás” for each other. They promised to always love each other. They shared 9 kisses throughout the series.

Who is the actress who plays Ludmila in Violetta?

During the last few episodes of Season 3, Ludmila’s attitude was changed forever and was even being nice to Naty. Angie Ángeles “Angie” Carrará (portrayed by Clara Alonso) is Violetta’s tutor and aunt, the sister of Violetta’s late mother, María.

Where did the term Violetta come from in music?

According to The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments, one of the earliest inceptions of the term came from G.M. Lanfranco, a lesser known 16th century Italian composer, who uses the term “violetta” in one of his books titled Scintille di musica in 1533. ^ Apel, Willi (1973). Harvard dictionary of music (2d ed.).

How did Violetta find out about youmix and studio?

At the studio, Violetta and the others are told that the studio is now involved with YouMix. She is happy but is disappointed to realize that Leon is not present. She goes to the place where León does Motorcross to tell him the news and is almost run over, but León saves her.

Who are Violetta’s love interests in Les Miserables?

Tomas Heredia. Tomas Heredia (portrayed by Pablo Espinosa) is a very talented guy and one of Violetta’s two love interests. He can play the guitar and the piano and attends Studio 21 with a grant from Beto, who hired him as his assistant.

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