Why is my printer printing blurry images?

Why is my printer printing blurry images?

Your printer may be printing fuzzy, blurry, or other faint text because of dirty print heads. All modern printers have a self-cleaning mode, which cleans the print heads, and additional internal equipment used in the printing process.

What are the signs of a bad printer drum?

The most obvious is most common on laser color printers and can be detected by a flashing message on the printer display screen. Other signs of a bad printer drum include printing blank pages, printing gray pages and strange sounds coming from the printer as it prints.

What happens when a printer drum goes bad?

What happens when a printer drum goes bad? When the drum wears out, you’ll begin seeing lines or faults repeated across the page. Replace the drum unit when you get white lines on your pages.

Why is my Brother printer printing blotchy?

Dots are typically caused by foreign material inside the machine (for example paper dust, glue from labels or envelopes, paper clips, staples) sticking to or damaging the surface of the drum. Toner builds up on or sticks to these areas on the drum and creates black dots on the printed pages.

What to do if printer is printing blurry?

What can I do if my printer is not printing clearly?

  1. Update the printer driver.
  2. Check the ink levels.
  3. Clean the print head nozzles.
  4. Check the alignment.
  5. Settings issue.
  6. Use the right paper.

How do I fix the print quality on my Brother printer?

How can I improve poor print quality?

  1. Press the Ink or Ink Management key on the control panel of the machine.
  2. Press the up or down navigation key to select TEST PRINT and press Menu/Set or Set.
  3. Press the up or down navigation key to select PRINT QUALITY and press Menu/Set or Set.
  4. Press Color (Colour) Start.

Why is my PDF printing blurry?

Low Original Resolution If you start with a low-resolution image or other file, the resulting PDF may look blurry or pixelated, especially if printed out. Use files with resolutions of at least 72 dots per inch for Web display and 200 to 300 dpi for printing. Enlarging small images can also increase blurriness.

How do you fix print quality?

Quick Fixes for Poor Quality Printing Results

  1. #1 – Align the Printer Cartridge or Head.
  2. #2 – Adjust Print Speed.
  3. #3 – Print from High-Resolution Files.
  4. #4 – Clean the Printer, the Heads and the Cartridges.
  5. #5 – Handle Toner Carefully.
  6. #6 – Protect the Printer from Heat and Humidity.
  7. #7 – Check for Driver Upgrades.

What are the signs that a printer drum needs to be replaced?

Blurry Images. Blurry images and missing text are both classic signs of a failing toner drum. When the drum begins to wear out, it is no longer able to transfer the images to the paper properly, and when this happens, part of the text can become blurry and unclear.

Why is the toner on my laser printer smudged?

Most laser printers include the drum with the toner cartridge. The drum itself can be defective, which results in toner misapplied to paper, or smudged toner due to too much toner applied to the paper. A defective drum can also cause print lines to appear on paper, often in the same place on each piece of paper.

How does the drum work on a laser printer?

Many laser printers contain a drum unit counter that monitors the number of pages the unit has printed. When the unit reaches a set number, the printer alerts you that it’s time to replace the device.

Why are there faint lines on my toner drum?

Keeping an eye out for those first faint lines is one of the best ways to diagnose a bad drum. This will also give you time to order a new toner drum before the old one becomes unusable. Spots on the paper can be caused by a number of things, including a faulty or leaking toner cartridge, or a bad printer drum.

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