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Does Cray still make supercomputers?

Does Cray still make supercomputers?

It also manufactures systems for data storage and analytics. Several Cray supercomputer systems are listed in the TOP500, which ranks the most powerful supercomputers in the world….Cray.

Type Subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Products Supercomputers
Revenue $392.5 million (2017)
Operating income -$65.6 million (2017)

Where can you find supercomputers in use?

Supercomputers were originally used in applications related to national security, including nuclear weapons design and cryptography. Today they are also routinely employed by the aerospace, petroleum, and automotive industries.

Do we still use supercomputers?

You might be surprised to find out that even with the ubiquitous nature of the personal PC and network systems, supercomputers are still used in a variety of operations. Essentially, a supercomputer is any computer that’s one of the most powerful, fastest systems in the world at any given point in time.

What are examples of supercomputers?

The TOP500 list

Year Supercomputer Location
2018 IBM Summit Oak Ridge, U.S.
2018 IBM/Nvidia/Mellanox Sierra Livermore, U.S.
2016 Sunway TaihuLight Wuxi, China
2013 NUDT Tianhe-2 Guangzhou, China

What’s the most RAM you can have?

If a computer is running a 32-bit processor, the maximum amount of RAM it can address is 4GB. Computers running 64-bit processors can hypothetically handle hundreds of terabytes of RAM.

Which is the most powerful computer of all?

7 most powerful computers of all time

  1. Fugaku. Location: Riken Center for Computational Science, Japan.
  2. Summit. Location: DOE/SC/Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US.
  3. Sierra. Location: DOE/NNSA/LLNL, US.
  4. Sunway TaihuLight. Location: National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, China.
  5. Perlmutter.
  6. Selene.
  7. Tianhe-2A.

What was the price of the Aurora supercomputer?

Priced at $500 million, Aurora will be the first of three so-called “exascale” supercomputers capable of performing a billion billion (aka quintillion) calculations per second in which the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), which runs Argonne and 17 other national laboratories, is investing $1.8 billion.

How big is the Cheyenne supercomputer in Wyoming?

Becoming operational in 2017, the 5.34-petaflops Cheyenne supercomputer is currently providing more than three times the computational capacity of Yellowstone.

How big are the supercomputers in the world?

Their combined total: 160 tons — much of that heft due to water-cooling systems that prevent overheating. Along with several other smaller systems, the machines are housed in a 25,000-square-foot data center with low ceilings and a white tile floor.

How did the Wyoming Supercomputing Center get its name?

It was created through a partnership of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), the State of Wyoming, the University of Wyoming, Cheyenne LEADS, the Wyoming Business Council, and Cheyenne Light Fuel and Power Company (now named Black Hills Corporation).

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