What is the arms trade treaty?

What is the arms trade treaty?

The treaty aims to reduce human suffering caused by illegal and irresponsible arms transfers, improve regional security and stability, as well as to promote accountability and transparency by state parties concerning transfers of conventional arms.

Who does China export arms to?

Pakistan has been the primary recipient of China’s arms exports since 1991. China has also developed closer relations with many African countries, which bought 19.1 per cent of China’s total exports between 2010 and 2020.

Has Canada signed the arms trade treaty?

Background. Canada will become a State Party to the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) on September 17, 2019. As per Canada’s practice for all international treaties, Canada will be fully compliant with all its obligations upon accession to the ATT.

Does China sell arms to Israel?

Israel is now China’s second-largest foreign supplier of arms after Russia with China having purchased a wide array of military equipment and technology, including communications satellites. China is a vital market for Israel’s aerospace and defense industry.

Which country is the largest arms importer?

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia—the world’s largest arms importer—increased its arms imports by 61 per cent and Qatar by 361 per cent.

Is arms dealing legal in Canada?

Canadian Arms Sales are governed by the country’s Export and Imports Permits Act. Sales with the United States are also specifically regulated by the 1959 Defence Production Sharing Arrangement.

Why is China a party to the arms trade treaty?

It will further enhance the treaty’s universality and contribute to global security governance and international arms control process.”

Who is the 107th state party to the arms trade treaty?

It now has 107 states parties with China’s accession. At the 74th UN General Assembly held in September 2019, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced the start of China’s domestic legal procedures for joining the treaty. Last month China’s top legislature voted to adopt a decision on joining the ATT.

How much does China make in the arms trade?

Although China has established itself as an arms export leader, the overall value of its trade still pales in comparison to the United States, whose exports averaged over $9 billion annually during the last ten years. Most of Beijing’s arms exports are sold to countries close to home.

Where does China get most of its arms from?

Northern African countries were the primary destination of Chinese weapons, constituting 49 percent of Chinese exports to the continent. An additional 19 percent flowed into East Africa, and the remaining 32 percent were divided among other areas of the continent. This relatively wide market distribution is somewhat unusual for major arms traders.

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