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Where is Joel Plaskett from?

Where is Joel Plaskett from?

Lunenburg, Canada
Joel Plaskett/Place of birth

Where does Joel Plaskett live?

Halifax, Nova Scotia
William Joel MacDonald Plaskett (born April 18, 1975) is a Canadian rock musician and songwriter based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Who is Joel Plaskett married to?

Rebecca Kraatzm. 2006
Joel Plaskett/Spouse

Her comic collection House Of Sugar, compiled from comics she contributed to The Coast, won the 2007 Doug Wright Award for Best Emerging Talent. Rebecca is married to Halifax rocker Joel Plaskett.

How old is Joel Plaskett?

46 years (April 18, 1975)
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Does Joel Plaskett have children?

Plaskett, who has a seven-year-old son with his wife, former Brentwood Bay resident Rebecca Kraatz, has been down this road before in his work, but never with such urgency.

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Why was Joel Plaskett kept off the road?

Like virtually every other performer on the planet, this pandemic has kept me off the road. This time at home has allowed me to experiment in the studio, revisit some of my older songs and comb through my musical archive.

Why did Joel Plaskett create the window Inn?

With this in mind, I’ve launched The Window Inn to give you a window into my musical world, to help us stay connected in times of distance and distraction, and most importantly, to have some fun. Your monthly subscription will support creative projects in the studio, and in turn I’ll share these creations with you.

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