Should I put silica packets with my ammo?

Should I put silica packets with my ammo?

The packet is in the packaging to keep the electronics moisture-free. This is why it’s also useful for ammo storage. “Before you seal that ammo can, drop in a silica gel packet or two,” says Andrew. “They’re a quick, cheap, and easy way to protect your investment.”

How many desiccant packs per ammo can?

10 pack
Each 10 pack of ammo can desiccant is packaged in a triple sealed, mil-spec, foil moisture barrier bag to ensure your desiccant is fresh when you receive it.

What can I use as a desiccant?

Other Substances Used As Desiccants

  • Salt. Salt is fairly inexpensive and can be used as a desiccant, as it works especially well with food products.
  • Dry Rice.
  • Dry Cement and Plaster of Paris.
  • Non-dairy Creamer.
  • Calcium Chloride.
  • Old Wallboard or Plasterboard.
  • Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Bentonite Clay.

How long does a desiccant pack last?

between 1 and 3 years
The life of these bags depends on the environment that they are exposed to, but most desiccant bags last between 1 and 3 years. When silica gel absorbs moisture, it goes from being in an active state to an inactive state.

Can you store ammo in rice?

Silica packs, similar to those found in food packaging, work well to absorb ambient moisture and keep ammo dry. You can mix uncooked rice and salt and keep containers of it with your ammunition. The rice absorbs moisture and the salt keeps the rice from spoiling. Just don’t eat the rice once you’re ready to replace it.

Does humidity hurt ammunition?

Humidity is the worst enemy of your ammo supply. Cartridges consistently exposed to moisture and high humidity areas have a high chance of becoming corroded. This is especially true for cartridges with brass casing. If corroded, your cartridges may not fit properly when chambered in your firearm.

How much desiccant should I use?

Follow a general rule of thumb that is 1.2 units of an adequate desiccant will help protect approximately one cubic foot of container space. One unit of desiccant would be equivalent to 33gms of desiccant clay bag. For example, a container with measurements of 15”x15”x12”.

How much moisture absorbs desiccant?

It can absorb more than 6% of water at humidity higher than 60%RH at 25°C.

Can I use salt as a desiccant?

Some Common Desiccants Table salt — If you don’t believe that sodium chloride adsorbs moisture, try using your salt shaker in humid weather. Rice — Uncooked rice is also a desiccant. It’s a better desiccant than table salt, which is why putting a few grains of rice in your salt shaker keeps the salt flowing.

Do desiccant packets go bad?

Silica gel has no expiry date, it is effectively sand which obviously doesn’t expire. You can put the silica gel packs in the oven in order to release the moisture and reuse them over and over.

How is 10 pack of ammo can desiccant made?

We did the research and put together the best desiccant kit for long-term ammo storage using high quality, USA Made, name brand components. Each 10 pack of ammo can desiccant is packaged in a triple sealed, mil-spec, foil moisture barrier bag to ensure your desiccant is fresh when you receive it.

How big is a 5 gram desiccant pack?

This unit includes 10-5 gram desiccant packs that come in a vacuum sealed poly bag. While each packet looks pretty small it is rated to cover almost 650 cubic inches in an airtight space.

Can a bag of desiccant go bad?

Desiccant that is packaged in zip-loc baggies or even sealed poly bags can go bad while on the shelf because plastic/poly is not impervious to moisture like a foil moisture barrier package.

Where to buy silica gel for ammunition storage?

SilicaGelPackets.com, for instance, offers a wide range of silica gel products in many different shapes and sizes at quite reasonable prices. But wherever you get them, include them in your ammo storage. It would also be wise to buy “indicating” silica gel packets.

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