What is ArcView used for?

What is ArcView used for?

ESRI® ArcView, the world’s most popular desktop mapping and geographic information system (GIS) software, is a powerful tool for the visualization, query, management, and analysis of spatial information. ArcView can be used as a stand-alone desktop GIS and as a client application over a network or the Internet.

What does ArcView include?

ArcView GIS is based on ActiveX architecture and provides data visualization, query, analysis, and integration capabilities, along with the ability to create and edit geographic data. While ArcView GIS is still in use, it is considered legacy software; UITS does not recommend it.

What is ArcInfo used for?

ArcInfo provides all the tools to build and manage a complete intelligent GIS including maps, data, metadata, geo-data sets and workflow models. This functionality is accessible via user-friendly interface and customizable through model, scripting, and applications.

Is ArcView the same as ArcGIS?

ArcView is the entry level licensing level of ArcGIS Desktop, a geographic information system software product produced by Esri. It is intended by Esri to be the logical migration path from ArcView 3. x. ArcView is now referred to as ArcGIS for Desktop Basic.

What are the capabilities of ArcView ArcEditor and ArcInfo?

All three license levels provide the tools and environment for map creation and interactive visualization. Additionally, the ArcEditor and ArcInfo license levels add multiuser editing and advanced data management capabilities.

What can I do with ArcView and ArcEditor?

Each product provides additional GIS functionality as you move from ArcView to ArcEditor to ArcInfo. Optional ArcGIS Desktop extensions offer specialized tools and additional capabilities to enhance your system. Download the new ArcGIS Desktop 10 Functionality Matrix [PDF].

Do you need ArcEditor or ArcInfo license?

Alternatively, the server can be configured to provide ArcEditor or ArcInfo licenses, meaning it will allow each client PC to provide additional levels of funcionality. For the user this is noticeable by having more tools in the toolbox.

What’s the difference between ArcView and ArcGIS Desktop?

Now ArcGIS Desktop: This also is a product, comprising mainly the programs ArcMap and ArcCatalog, exactly like ArcView. However, the licensing mechanism is different: ArcGIS Desktop requires a central license server to provide licenses to connected computers on demand. This is called concurrent licensing.

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