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How do I track my R&L Carrier?

How do I track my R&L Carrier?

Track a Shipment Enter your PRO number to track your shipment. You can enter as many as 25 numbers for multiple shipment tracing. Sign in with your MyRLC login to track shipments by several different reference numbers as well as view more detailed shipment information.

What does R and L Carriers stand for?

R&L Carriers is a carriage company that was started by Ralph L. “Larry” Roberts I in 1965. This was the blueprint of the company as it is now called R and L carriers, Inc.

How many terminals does R & L Carriers have?

155 terminals
R + L Carriers Terminal Locations. R + L has 155 terminals.

Does R L Carriers deliver on Saturday?

Does R&L Carriers deliver on Saturday? The delivery time is always the shortest and if you need to be on Saturday, it can happen, the priority of the service is always the satisfaction of its clients.

How big is R and L Carriers?

With over 55 years of service, R+L Carriers Inc. has grown from one truck to a fleet of over 21,000 tractors and trailers. Family-owned and operated, the company repeatedly invests in modern technology, improving driver safety and upgrading our infrastructure.

Who is the owner of R & L Carriers?

Ralph L. “Larry” Roberts I
R+L Carriers

Type Private
Founder Ralph L. “Larry” Roberts I
Headquarters Wilmington, Ohio, USA
Area served 50 States U.S. Virgin Islands Canada Puerto Rico Dominican Republic
Key people Ralph L. “Larry” Roberts I (Founder) Roby Roberts (CEO) Robert G. Zimmerman (President)

Does R and L Carriers ship cars?

LTL (Less Than Truckload) Shipping Our motto is We Ship Anything, Anywhere, Anytime®! We ship across the U.S. and across the globe.

Is R and L a union?

2 answers. Not union. No overtime, few and far between pay raises.

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