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How do I identify my Chevy rear end?

How do I identify my Chevy rear end?

All Chevrolet rear ends can be identified by comparing the gasket shape to an identification chart similar to the one found on Drivetrain’s differential identification page (see References). A visual chart of different GM/Chevrolet rear ends is found on Ring & Pinion’s differential types web page (see References).

What rear end came in a 57 Chevy?

The 55-57 car rearends are all pretty much alike, mounted with leaf springs. 58 cars got coil springs, with one center mounted upper control arm. 59-64 cars have coils with one offset upper arm. All of these rears use a 10 bolt oval shaped “drop out” (removes from the front) center section.

What do the numbers on a rear end mean?

In simple terms, the numbers mean how many turns of the drive shaft to one turn of the rear wheel. If you are cruising down the freeway at 60 MPH with 3.00 gears, in a typical high gear with a 1:1 output ratio, it simply means that the drive shaft (engine) is spinning 3 times for every 1 rotation of your tire.

What rear end came in a 55 Chevy?

Most all 1955 Chevy 1/2 ton pickups came with a 3.90 rear end ratio. The ones with Overdrive came with the 4.10. Either would be great with the T-5. It is a simple matter to remove the rear end cover and count the teeth on the ring and pinion to determine the exact ratio.

How wide is a 1957 Chevy rear end?

Products specifications

Vehicle Fitment 55-57 Chevy Tri-5 (120, 210, Bel Air and Delray ) Call for Station Wagons, Nomad and Sedan Delivery
Brake Space 2.5 inches (axle standoff)
Width 60 inches (between wheel mounting surfaces)
Fluid Capacity 3 quarts of 85w-140, non-synthetic (API GL-6 rated only)

Can you tell axle ratio from VIN?

Contact the dealer or the manufacturer (you could get a customer service number from the owners manual of the truck) and give them the VIN number and tell them you wish to know the axle ratio. They may only need certain digits from the VIN to determine, but it’s better to have them all in case.

What was the rear differential code for a 1970 Chevy?

1958-1970 Full size Chevy rear differential identification chart. 1958-1970 Chevy Rear Differential code Identification Using the charts below, you will be able to learn alot about the rear differential in your classic full size Chevy.

What are the rear end codes for a Chevy?

Chevrolet Rear End Codes G3GM 1973 to 1977 A-bodys. Chevelles, Monte Carlos, El Caminos, Laguna, 442, Cutlass, Malibu, GTO, LeMans, Century, Regal, Grand Am, Grand Prix, Sprint, Gran Sport, Can Am, Hurst-olds, and other 73-77 A-bodies Search Query

Where is the gear ratio code on a Chevy?

Using the charts below, you will be able to learn alot about the rear differential in your classic full size Chevy. The gear ratio codes are located on the front passenger side of the differential as shown in the illustration below. This code will tell you the ratio, whether it is posi or not, any special notes and what plant it was made at.

What kind of differential does a Chevy 3.55 have?

This 1955-1956-1957-1958-1959-1960-1961-1962-1963-1964 Chevrolet 3.55 rear end center section is an original used two-pinion type with cast arma-steel housing. The 10-bolt differential fits all passenger cars.

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