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How do you make shelves out of old ladders?

How do you make shelves out of old ladders?


  1. Prep the ladder. Scrape off any existing paint and sand down any rough edges.
  2. Paint the boards for the shelf (and the ladder, if necessary). Pour paint into a paint tray or onto a large piece of cardboard.
  3. Add the boards. Slide the boards onto the ladder to make a shelf.
  4. Decorate the caddy.

How do you upcycle an old wooden ladder?

From bookshelves and chandeliers to porch decor and even a great pot rack for the kitchen, there are so many ways to repurpose wooden ladders into great decor….

  1. Corner Bookshelf.
  2. DIY Rustic Bed Canopy.
  3. Pottery Barn Inspired Bathroom Storage Shelf.
  4. Gorgeous Rustic Birdhouse Stand.
  5. DIY Farmhouse Chandelier.

What can you do with old ladders?

11 Decorative Uses for an Old Ladder

  • of 11. Add Bathroom Storage.
  • of 11. Or Drape the Towels.
  • of 11. Create a Chandelier.
  • of 11. Serve Drinks.
  • of 11. Store Extra Blankets.
  • of 11. Add Plants.
  • of 11. Outfit Your Kids.
  • of 11. Make a Magazine Rack.

How do you paint an old ladder?

First, make sure your ladder doesn’t have a shiny varnish — if it does, simply sand it off. Next, mix two-thirds paint and one-third water in a bucket. Using a brush, paint the ladder in the direction of the wood grain. Don’t let your paint dry.

How do I use an old wooden ladder in my garden?

Ideas for tall garden ladders:

  1. Display bird houses.
  2. Attach planter boxes to steps.
  3. Use as a trellis against a wall.
  4. Sweet pea or bean trellis.
  5. Paint a bright color and display pots.
  6. Lean it against a tree.
  7. Spray paint a metal or wood ladder, lay it on the ground and plant in the openings.

How do you paint an old wooden ladder?

How do you use old garden ladders?

Where can I find old ladders to repurpose?

Everyone’s got one or two sitting around, which makes finding them at auctions, flea markets, and garage sales surprisingly easy. If you’re looking for a way to work an industrial staple into your interior design, then you’re going to love our gallery of 36 repurposed old ladder ideas. We’ve got ladders on the floor, the walls, and the ceiling.

What to do with a small step ladder?

Turn that small step ladder into some amazing storage space. You could do this with a larger ladder as well if you have the floor room for it, or hang it on the wall. The steps and rungs give you plenty of space to create craft supply storage. You could even open the ladder up and add baskets for your supplies.

What can you use a ladder for in the kitchen?

The ladder can be also successfully used in the kitchen as a shelf for dishes, cloths, vases. An unusual idea is a ladder, suspended from the ceiling, which acts as a hanger for pots, pans and other kitchen utensils. In a similar way, we can use a ladder in the bathroom, or even in your child’s room.

Can you put a ladder in a bathroom?

If you’re looking to add a great Pottery Barn look and feel to the bathroom, this ladder storage shelf is perfect. You can get basically the same thing at Pottery Barn, but it will cost you quite a bit. DIY it instead and give your bathroom this wonderful storage that has such a lovely farmhouse appeal.

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