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What insurance does a DJ need?

What insurance does a DJ need?

At a minimum, carrying commercial general liability insurance protects your work and business against claims for bodily injury and property damage to third parties arising from your work as an event DJ. There are many unexpected things that can happen at a public or private event.

How much does insurance cost for a DJ?

DJ Insurance Costs & Deductibles by Policy Term

Insurance Policy Annual Premium Deductible
General Liability $1 million occurrence/$2 million aggregate $200-$430 $0-$1,000
Commercial Property $5,000 limit $150-$200 $500-$1,000
Business Owners Policy $1 million occurrence/$2 million aggregate $5,000 limit $200-$350 $500-$1,000

What is PLI coverage?

Professional liability insurance (PLI) is insurance that protects professionals such as accountants, lawyers, and physicians against negligence and other claims initiated by their clients.

What is Peep insurance?

PEEP Insurance, Inc. is the pre-eminent insurance agency created by industry veterans with over 25 years of experience in insurance. We specialize in insuring entertainers, such as DJs, Bands, Hypnotists, Specialty Entertainers and Event Professionals.

Do DJs need permission to play songs?

In most cases, no. DJ’s do not need any permission or licenses to play songs legally, since the club/restaurant/bar where the gig takes place are responsible for it. Also- if playing at a private event, such as a wedding, licenses are not required at all.

Is it a legal requirement to have PLI?

Is PLI a legal requirement? Despite the rampant ‘no-win’, ‘no-fee’ culture which has companies paying out millions each year, there is actually no legal obligation to purchase PLI.

Is there a DJ Union?

Memberships — The United States Disc Jockey Association USDJA – DJ Insurance, Education, Networking.

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