What is BFC tool?

What is BFC tool?

After the subsequent acquisition of BusinessObjects by SAP later that year, the tool was re-branded SAP BFC (BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation) and has been positioned by SAP as its principle software solution for the financial close of large scale, multinational enterprises.

What is BFC report?

With greater scrutiny given to reporting of figures for investors, the need to maximise profit and adhere to ever changing regulatory reporting, SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation (BFC) software is the solution for companies looking to improve and speed up their financial close – without sacrificing quality …

What is consolidation in SAP?

Management consolidation, such as profit center consolidation, is used to manage the divisions of a corporate enterprise. The main focus of the consolidation tasks is on the elimination of the effects of the delivery of goods and services within such enterprise areas.

What is SAP FIM?

SAP Financial Information Management provides an easy to use user interface for business users to define, execute and monitor integration mappings and conversions between a data source (application) and data target (application) where the source and/or target are primarily SAPs EPM Solutions but also flat files, SQL …

How do I consolidate in SAP?

From a broad perspective, there are four key steps when preparing for and executing consolidation.

  1. 1 Prepare.
  2. 2 Collect.
  3. 3 Consolidate.
  4. 4 Report.
  5. Balance Carry Forward.
  6. Import Actuals.
  7. Data Validation.
  8. Reclassifications.

Does SAP have EPM?

SAP EPM offers a wide array of applications, such as SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, SAP Disclosure Management, SAP Financial Consolidation, SAP Financial Information Management, and much more to help organizations achieve these goals.

Is the BofC work only on Microsoft ( MS ) platform?

Is BOFC work only on MicroSoft (MS) platform or does it have its NW (netweaver) version as well? What is the architecute / system landscape been used for BOFC?

Which is the best analysis tool for SAP?

It also is the successor of BEx (Web) Analyzer and can be installed as Microsoft Excel plugin or can be used as a web version (OLAP). Analysis Office is the right tool for users with extensive analysis needs. It is particularly suited to access and analyze OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) sources.

Where can I find the sap financial consolidation architecture?

If you have an answer for this question, then please use the Your Answer form at the bottom of the page instead. – In the following link P18 you could find the architecture

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