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Who was involved in the Congo crisis?

Who was involved in the Congo crisis?

Constituting a series of civil wars, the Congo Crisis was also a proxy conflict in the Cold War, in which the Soviet Union and the United States supported opposing factions. Around 100,000 people are believed to have been killed during the crisis.

Where is Katanga province?

southeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo
Katanga, formerly (1972–97) Shaba, historical region in southeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, bordering Lake Tanganyika to the east, Zambia to the south, and Angola to the west.

When did the conflict in Congo begin?

August 2, 1998 – July 18, 2003
Second Congo War/Periods

When did Katanga become part of the Congo?

On July 11, 1960, less than two weeks after the country formally gained independence, a politician named Moise Tshombe declared the southernmost province of the Congo to be an independent nation called the State of Katanga. Katanga, with its copperbelt and lucrative mining operations was the wealthiest province of the Congo.

When did the Katangan war come to an end?

The conflict came to a close in January 1963, after U.N. and U.S. forces overwhelmed the Katangan military and Moise Tshembe stepped down as President of Katanga. Francis Terry McNamara was an officer at the U.S. consul in Elisabethville from 1961 to 1963 and witnessed firsthand the struggle to bring peace to the Congo.

How many people have been killed in Katanga?

The conflict in the region has caused an exodus of around 600,000 refugees to various other parts of the DRC, and an unknown number of civilians have died as a result of the conflict. A map of Katanga. Insurrection and political instability first appeared in Katanga immediately after the Republic of the Congo gained independence in 1960.

Where are the FDLR insurgents in Katanga Province?

Since 2000, FDLR insurgents have been engaged in a low level military conflict with the FARDC and various Katangese separatist groups; the FDLR are mostly active in the north-eastern portion of Katanga province near the border with South Kivu.

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