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How is power exercised according to Foucault?

How is power exercised according to Foucault?

Power always entails a set of actions performed upon another persons actions and reactions. The turn to this concept of “government” allowed Foucault to include a new element to his understanding of power: freedom. “Power is exercised only over free subjects, and only insofar as they are free” (221), Foucault explains.

What does Foucault mean by will to truth?

Foucault argues though, in The Order of Discourse, that the ‘will to truth’ is the major system of exclusion that forges discourse and which ‘tends to exert a sort of pressure and something like a power of constraint on other discourses’, and goes on further to ask the question ‘what is at stake in the will to truth.

Where did Foucault say power is everywhere?

Foucault challenges the idea that power is wielded by people or groups by way of ‘episodic’ or ‘sovereign’ acts of domination or coercion, seeing it instead as dispersed and pervasive. ‘Power is everywhere’ and ‘comes from everywhere’ so in this sense is neither an agency nor a structure (Foucault 1998: 63).

How does Foucault use power in his philosophy?

The power in Foucault’s philosophy. For example, in several of his books, including Discipline and Punish, and The Will to know, his reading of the “power” propose an unusal interpretation. First, Foucault examines the power in terms of minor processes that identify and invest the body.

What did Foucault mean by chastise the rebellious body?

Chastise the rebellious body, the body unruly. Deter him from again. In addition, this micropénalité should not be confused with the great state judicial mechanisms, as if there was only one power, state power and political power.

Why did Michel Foucault support the Khomeini regime?

For complicated but ultimately bad reasons, Foucault supported the regime of Ayatollah Khomeini. He had a penchant for exaggerating how terrible everything is, seeing a desire to control under every “apparent” act of benevolence.

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