How do you use emollient 50?

How do you use emollient 50?

How should Bell’s Emollient 50 be used? To use this ointment, apply a thin layer to any affected areas of the skin. To prevent hair irritation, apply in the direction of growth for the hairs. Apply the ointment when required, up to four times a day.

How do you use Zerobase emollient cream?

Apply the cream to the affected areas of skin as often as required and smooth gently into the skin, following the direction of the hair growth. Zerobase contains Cetostearyl Alcohol and Chlorocresol which may cause local skin reaction (e.g. contact dermatitis) or allergic reactions.

How much emollient should I use?

It is recommended that 250–500 g of emollient be applied every week [NICE, 2007a]. The frequency of application will vary depending on the person’s condition and circumstances, but for very dry skin, application of an emollient every 2–3 hours should be considered normal.

How do you wash with emollient?

Soap substitutes (emollient wash products) Mix a small amount (around teaspoonful) of soap substitute in the palm of your hand with a little warm water and spread it over damp or dry skin. Rinse and pat the skin dry, being careful not to rub it. You can use soap substitutes for handwashing, showering or in the bath.

What is the zero base emollient cream for?

Zerobase Emollient Cream A moisturising and protective emollient cream and wash providing symptomatic relief for red, inflamed or dry skin.

What does Zerobase cream do for your skin?

Zerobase Cream is an emollient, which means it works by forming a protective barrier over your dry, irritated skin. This helps to keep water locked into the skin, keeping it from drying out further and giving it chance to heal.

Which is the best emollient cream for dry skin?

Zerobase Cream is an emollient cream that can be used to soothe and protect your dry, irritated skin. It’s perfect for the whole family, softening and moisturising areas of dry skin and giving it chance to repair.

When to apply zero base cream for eczema?

For Eczema the cream can also be applied before a bath to stop the skin drying further. If you would like to request free samples of the Zeroderma range for patient evaluation, click below and complete the form.

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