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What is SD-WAN Silver Peak?

What is SD-WAN Silver Peak?

Silver Peak Unity is the premier software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) architecture for today’s enterprise. Unity is a virtual WAN overlay that enables customers to deploy hybrid or all-broadband WANs using multiple types of connectivity, including MPLS, cable, DSL, LTE, etc.

What is the EdgeConnect management software?

Cloud-first Enterprises. Designed as one, EdgeConnect unifies SD-WAN, routing, firewall, segmentation, WAN optimization and application visibility and control in a single platform to consolidate and simplify WAN edge architecture at the branch.

What is Silver Peak Cloud Portal?

The Cloud Portal. All devices must be able to connect to the Cloud Portal to take advantage of Silver Peak features. – manages all licenses without user action. Orchestrator. Manages, provisions, and monitors Silver Peak devices within a network.

What is Cisco SD-WAN?

Cisco SD-WAN provides advanced analytics, monitoring, and automation for any connection across your network, whether MPLS or beyond the cloud edge. With Cisco SD-WAN, you can help ensure that users enjoy optimal speeds and the best performance from the applications they need for success.

What is SD WAN Silver Peak?

What problems does SD-WAN solve?

A business-driven SD-WAN intelligently monitors and manages all underlay transport services. It can overcome the challenges of packet loss, latency and jitter to deliver the highest levels of application performance and QoEX to users, even when WAN transport services are impaired.

What do you need to know about Silver Peak?

Silver Peak is an American company that offers solutions for the management and optimization of WAN networks. Currently, the philosophy of their solutions leads to the following general objective: to help organizations that manage WAN networks to reduce their costs.

Where are the offices of Silver Peak Corporation?

Silver Peak has offices in Santa Clara, New York, London, Sydney and in 3 other locations.

What do you need to know about Silver Peak SD-WAN?

Silver Peak SD-WAN basically tries to achieve the benefits of a traditional WAN network through broadband Internet connections. This means that you try to use a network such as the Internet, which in principle is not designed for the demands of the quality of service and high availability that is requested of the WAN.

What is Silver Peak business-first networking model?

With a Silver Peak business-first networking model, the network enables the business, rather than the business conforming to the constraints of the network. A Business-driven Network Business intent drives your applications, not your network. Highest Quality of Experience Enable the highest quality of experience for end users and IT.

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