How do you do a night to remember quest in Skyrim?

How do you do a night to remember quest in Skyrim?

Walkthrough. Go to a tavern in any of the holds in Skyrim . Speak to the man in the black robe (Sam Guevenne) and he’ll ask if you want to enter a drinking contest with him. Accept it, and you will begin to drink until you pass out.

Who do I ask about Sam in Rorikstead?

Ask Ennis about Sam in Rorikstead and you will find out that you sold Ennis’ goat, “Gleda”, to a giant. You can either retrieve Gleda, pay Ennis for her, or persuade or intimidate him, after which he will tell you that you said something about paying Ysolda back for something.

Can you save Margret Skyrim?

Margret is a Nord citizen visiting Markarth from her home in Cyrodiil. You can either let this happen, or save Margret by killing Weylin. If saved, she will be thankful and give you a necklace. Saving Margret can be helpful in later quests having to do with investigating the marketplace attack.

Where is Sam in Morvunskar?

Visit Morvunskar and locate Sam. Morvunskar is a ruined fort located southwest of Windhelm. In these ruins is the entrance to Misty Grove, the location of Sam and other dinner guests. Once you speak to Sam, he will mention that he is the Daedric prince, Sanguine.

Which Daedric Prince is the most evil?

MOLAG BAL. Molag Bal is easily the most evil Daedric Prince: The Daedric Prince of Domination and the Enslavement of Mortals.

Can Daedric Princes be killed?

Daedric Princes can be slain in both the material plane and Oblivion (although it takes someone truly powerful to do so in the latter). Slain like that they merely revive eventually. Likely the Aedra or other Princes know a way to permanently slay a Prince.

Is there a night to remember quest in Skyrim?

A Night to Remember is a Daedric quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Sam Guevenne has a drinking contest with the Dragonborn and promises a staff to the winner.

What happens when you go to morvunskar after night to remember?

If you return to Morvunskar after completing A Night To Remember, sometimes the portal to Misty Grove will still be accessible. Passing through it will end with you being stuck in Misty Grove, as Sanguine is no longer there to teleport you out. This bug is fixed by version 1.4 of the Official Skyrim Patch.

Where is morvunskar in Skyrim the Elder Scrolls?

Morvunskar is a small fort southwest of, and overlooking, Windhelm. It is currently occupied by leveled warlocks. Its tactical position is evidenced by its view of Windhelm to the northeast and Kynesgrove to the southeast, and also by the large number of main roads that can be seen from its towers.

Where to find sanguine in Skyrim a night to remember?

Sam can spawn at any of the inns across Skyrim, including those in towns, not just the ones in hold capitals. After completion of this quest, you may find Sanguine roaming around the fort Morvunskar, killing every mage he can find. Since he is essential, he will always win.

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