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What is trabeculae of lymph node?

What is trabeculae of lymph node?

The nodes are covered by a capsule of dense connective tissue, and have capsular extensions, of connective tissue, called the trabeculae, which provide support for blood vessels entering into the nodes.

What is a subcapsular sinus?

Subcapsular sinus macrophages are the first layer of cells in the draining lymph node that capture and retain lymph-borne pathogens from entering the lymph node parenchyma likely via the interaction between CD169 and its ligand, α2,3-linked sialic acids, expressed on the surface of cells or microbes.

What is a sinus in lymph node?

The subcapsular sinus is the space between the capsule and the cortex, which allows the transportation of the lymphatic fluid.; this is also called the lymph path, the lymph sinus, or the marginal sinus. The subcapsular sinus is present beneath the capsule and is traversed by both reticular fibers and cells.

What is the difference between lymph nodes and nodules?

Lymph nodules form in regions of frequent exposure to microorganisms or foreign materials and contribute to the defense against them. The nodule differs from a lymph node in that it is much smaller and does not have a well-defined connective-tissue capsule as a boundary.

Which lymph nodes drain the sinuses?

Lymphatic drainage of the nasal cavity is to the retropharyngeal lymph nodes and the cervical chain. The paranasal sinuses are thought to have sparse capillary lymphatic supply.

Does the spleen contain subcapsular sinus?

Spleen Red Pulp The red pulp is mainly filled with venous sinuses, which contain red blood cells and occasionally white blood cells. The sinuses are lined by elongated, rod-shaped endothelial cells.

What is the function of lymphoid nodules?

The primary function of lymph nodes is the filtering of lymph to identify and fight infection. In order to do this, lymph nodes contain lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, which includes B cells and T cells. These circulate through the bloodstream and enter and reside in lymph nodes. B cells produce antibodies.

What are nodules and nodes?

Vocal cord nodules, sometimes called singer’s nodules or nodes, result from repetitive overuse or misuse of the voice. These callous-like growths develop in the midpoint of the vocal folds. Vocal cord nodules look like calluses under the microscope and are occasionally associated with abnormal blood vessels.

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