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What is MSW by OZ?

What is MSW by OZ?

MSW is an Italian brand that specialises in the production of high-quality alloy wheels. Created in the 70s, it was the first brand of alloy wheels produced by OZ and was created with particular attention given to safety and quality without compromising on style.

Are MSW wheels any good?

They must be safe, stable and ready to face any road surface. MSW alloy wheels are preeminent in terms of safety, reliability and durability, combining a refined design and an affordable price. In summer as in winter, in any weather condition, MSW rims will be with you and distinguish you with their style.

What are MSW rims?

MSW is an Italian brand specialized in the production of high-quality alloy wheels: it was created in the 70s as the first brand of alloy wheels produced and marketed by OZ, with particular attention to the needs of German and the United States markets, which had always stood out as very sensitive to quality.

Are OZ wheels flow formed?

This process, which is directly derived from O.Z.’s experience in F1, produces wheels that are extremely light and strong. The flow forming process and the HLT technologies combine to create mechanical characteristics similar to those of a forged wheel.

Are OZ wheels forged?

Artisan-crafted with racing in their DNA, O.Z. Racing Atelier Forged wheels are built for quality in O.Z. Racing’s facilities and feature HLT technology, an O.Z. Racing-exclusive construction method.

Where are OZ wheels made?

OZ is an Italian company with global distribution and a multibrand marketing strategy. Its main headquarters and production facility are in Italy (San Martino di Lupari, Padua), and it sells light alloy wheels through a global network of branches and qualified sales partners.

Are OZ Ultraleggera forged?

Almost as light as forged wheels but they’re cast. Comparing against Volk TE37s 15.54 lbs 17×8, they’re about the same weight in roughly the same size (Volk still lighter even with x8). Knowing the TE37s are one piece forged, I expect them to be lighter by a bit.

Are OZ wheels lightweight?

OZ Racing. OZ Racing wheels are top-of-the -line where technology and style are concerned. Lightweight wheels designed to perform. 100% Made in Italy, they guarantee top performance and absulute quality.

Are OZ alloys any good?

OZ’s are awesome wheels, i’ve been a big fan of these and owned 3 sets, 2x Superleggera’s and 1x Superturismo GT’s. Very light and strong, a lot of people use OZ’s for track use.

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