What does it mean to incite someone?

What does it mean to incite someone?

: to cause (someone) to act in an angry, harmful, or violent way. : to cause (an angry, harmful, or violent action or feeling) See the full definition for incite in the English Language Learners Dictionary. incite. verb.

What does incite mean legally?

As used in this chapter, the term “to incite a riot”, or “to organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot”, includes, but is not limited to, urging or instigating other persons to riot, but shall not be deemed to mean the mere oral or written (1) advocacy of ideas or (2) expression of belief, not …

How do you spell incite a riot?

verb (used with object), in·cit·ed, in·cit·ing. to stir, encourage, or urge on; stimulate or prompt to action: to incite a crowd to riot.

How do you use incite?

Incite in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The racist man tried to incite hatred in his children by telling them falsehoods about minority groups.
  2. During the pep rally, the cheerleaders worked hard to incite school spirit.
  3. The Christian network will not air any programs that incite violence or hate.

Is incite a positive word?

Many people are aware of the fact that the word “incite” can be used to express actions that are both negative and positive. Unfortunately, some are only familiar with the word’s negative connotation.

What does Inciteful mean?

New Word Suggestion. adj. That incites, or provides incitement. Do not be jealous, inciteful, enraged; murders are born from all of these.

Is it illegal to instigate a fight?

Under California Penal Code 415, it is illegal for a person to do any of the following: Unlawfully fight in a public place or challenge another person in a public place to fight; Use offensive words in a public place which are inherently likely to provoke an immediate, violent reaction.

Is incite a legal term?

To arouse; stir up; instigate; sec in motion; as, to “incite” a riot. Also, generally, in criminal law to instigate, persuade,or move another to commit a crime; iu this sense nearly synonymous with”abet.” .

What’s a sentence for incite?

Incite Sentence Examples Rather than incite her, it left her sleepy. It went into schools to incite minds and get them thinking.

Is incite positive or negative?

Incite comes from a Latin verb meaning “to move into action” and if you incite someone to do something, that is exactly how to describe it. Usually it is used in a negative context. Radical and intolerant teachings can incite hatred in those who listen.

What do you call the words that incite action?

Frequently Asked Questions About incite Some common synonyms of incite are abet, foment, and instigate. While all these words mean “to spur to action,” incite stresses a stirring up and urging on, and may or may not imply initiating.

Is there a word inciteful?

A: Yes, we’ve noticed this misspelling, but we don’t see it much among our correspondents. And “inciteful” isn’t always a misspelling. Although you won’t find the word in standard dictionaries, the Oxford English Dictionary has an entry that defines it this way: “Liable to rouse to passion; provocative.”

What does the name Incite mean?

The definition of incite is to rile people up or to inspire and encourage specific behavior. An example of incite is when you get people so mad that they start a riot. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

What is the adjective for incite?

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb incite which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. That incites ( rouses, stirs up or excites ), or provides incitement.

What is the definition of inciting?

in•cit′er, n. in•cit′ing•ly, adv. syn: incite, rouse, provoke mean to goad or inspire an individual or group to take some action or express some feeling. incite means to induce activity of any kind, although it often refers to violent or uncontrolled behavior: incited to greater effort; incited to rebellion.

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