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What does it mean when someone says you are squared away?

What does it mean when someone says you are squared away?

If you square something or someone away, you deal with them so that the situation is satisfactory. [US] Negotiators have already squared away a lot of the agreements that will be signed at the Earth Summit. [

What is a squared away soldier?

When service people say someone is squared away, it’s generally a compliment that indicates exemplary, above-average service. On the flip side, when someone is “unsat,” they have performed some action or are themselves well below the required standards.

What does it mean when someone says squared?

Square is slang for a person who is conventional and old-fashioned, similar to a Fuddy-duddy. This sense of the word “square” originated with the American jazz community in the 1940s, in reference to people out of touch with musical trends.

What does squared out mean?

: a pass pattern in football in which a receiver runs downfield and then breaks sharply for the sidelines.

Will get it squared away?

to complete all necessary arrangements for something or someone: I’ve got my tickets and hotel squared away. The dishes are done and the kids are all squared away.

How do you look squared away?

6 ways to look squared away but you’re actually skating

  1. Walk around with a clipboard.
  2. Walk around with a trash bag.
  3. Help motivate the stragglers during PT.
  4. Call the gut truck but DON’T go to it.
  5. Call cadence.

What’s another word for squared in math?

What is another word for squared?

square rectangular
cubic quadrilateral
tetragonal quadrangular
quadratic quadratical
rectilinear orthogonal

What does I wanna square up mean?

To square up means to get into a fighting position. However, it can also mean to settle a financial balance. Or, it sometimes means to physically or metaphorically reconcile two opposing objects, ideas, or people.

How do you get squared away?

Put down your sissy drink with its umbrella, get off your backside, and square yourself away.

Which is the best definition of square away?

Square away definition is – to square the yards so as to sail before the wind. to square the yards so as to sail before the wind; to put everything in order or in readiness; to take up a fighting stance…

Who is the owner of so squared away?

“I am thrilled that Angie’s List has recognized So Squared Away as a recipient of its 2012 Super Service Awards,” said Marlene Devine, founder and owner of So Squared Away. you’re all squared away now.”

When do I sign up for square away?

— Mark Inabinett | [email protected], al, 7 June 2021 As with most subscription services, sign-up starts by filling out a quick survey on the service’s website to get squared away on your taste and delivery preferences. — Tiffany Dodson, SELF, 15 Apr. 2020

What is an example of a square away contract?

Recent Examples on the Web Jones still needs to pass a physical exam, and the Titans need to square away their salary-cap situation to take on the wide receiver’s contract.

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