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What is the body thickness of a Fender Telecaster?

What is the body thickness of a Fender Telecaster?

Telecaster MDF Guitar Body and Neck Template 0.25″ thickness.

How thick is a Telecaster Thinline body?

1/8th inch on chambered and solid bodies, 1/4 inch on Thinline bodies.

How thick should a guitar body be?

Normal body thickness is 1 7/8″, although there are some Asian guitars such as the Squier Classic Vibe DuoSonic that are only 1 1/2″ (and nice and light!). Fender neck pockets are generally 5/8″ deep.

Does body thickness affect guitar tone?

1. Yes the total mass, thickness and density of the wood (as well as the wood type itself) will have an affect on both tone and sustain, that’s why SG’s don’t have as much bass or sustain as Les Pauls even with the same neck and pickups and electronics.

How thick is a Telecaster neck?

Neck – for Telecaster Guitar, Maple, Headstock Adjust

1st Fret Thickness 0.86 in.
Neck and Fretboard Type two-piece Maple
Nut Width 1.6875 in.
Orientation Right-handed
Profile Shape Modern C-Shape

How wide is a tele body?

12 5/8″ is about right.

Does a Thinline Telecaster sound different?

Thinline Telecaster Sound The Thinline still recreates the classic chime and twang only now a slightly more hollow and rounder variation of the classic Tele sound. The Thinline also sounds wider with an additional boost of bottom end which is to be expected with a chambered guitar.

How thick is an acoustic guitar body?

Coming to prominence around the 1920s, Orchestra acoustic guitars are only second to the dreadnought in popularity….Body Size/Dimensions.

Body Length 18-7/8″
Lower Bout Width 14 5/15″
Depth 3 11/32″ – 4 1/8″

Do electric guitars need a body?

The main reason the body shape of an electric guitar is important, is because it greatly impacts the feel of a guitar. There are two main ways the shape affects playability. There are two main body shapes, single cutaway e.g. Telecaster or Les Paul and double cutaway e.g. Stratocaster.

Does body wood affect electric guitar tone?

The answer is that it does. Generally, heavier woods like mahogany resonate differently than a medium-bodied wood like alder and a lighter wood like basswood. And don’t forget feel. A big part of your tone comes down to how you play — how you fret chords and how you strum or pick.

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