Where can you see seals in Dublin?

Where can you see seals in Dublin?

Seals are regular visitors to Dublin Bay. There are two different species, the Harbour Seal and the larger Grey Seal. The best place to see the seals is on the northern end of Bull Island near Sutton Creek. Here they haul out of the water at low tide to rest and digest their food.

Where can I see seals in Northern Ireland?

In Northern Ireland grey seal numbers are also flourishing….Top sights to see grey seals around our shores include:

  • Strangford Lough.
  • Cloghy Rocks, Ards peninsula.
  • Rathlin Island.
  • Copeland Islands.

Does Ireland have seals?

It is estimated that there is currently a population of around 8,000 – 10,000 Grey seals in Irish waters, and a world-wide population of approximately 300,000, which is fewer than African Elephants.

Where can I see seals in Cork?

In Cork, good places to spot seals are in the west of the county, including Garinish Island, Baltimore, Clonakilty and Kinsale.

Where can I see seals in Donegal?

Seal Spotting Two species of seal are found in Ireland and both are fairly frequent around Donegal. The one most typical of estuaries and sheltered bays is the Common or Harbour Seal, often seen relaxing on sandbanks at low tide. You can get good views of them around Donegal Bay.

What is the wildlife like in Ireland?

Some species, such as the red fox, European hedgehog, stoat, otter, pygmy shrew, and badger are common, whereas others, like the Irish hare, red deer, and pine marten are less common and generally seen only in certain national parks and nature reserves around the island.

Are there seals in Belfast Lough?

Common seals can be seen all around the coast of Northern Ireland, but most are found on the County Down coastline – Strangford Lough holds the largest population in Ireland. The best time to see seals is in July and August when they spend a lot of time hauled out on the shore.

Are there otters in Northern Ireland?

The otter is the only otter native to the UK. They occur throughout Northern Ireland in both freshwater and coastal habitats. Otters have a long, slim body with a powerful tail which they use when swimming. This is one of the many features they have which is suited to a life in and around water.

What is the most common seal in Ireland?

The common seal is now the most widespread species of the Pinniped family which includes walruses, seals and sea lions. In the waters around the British coast there are estimated to be a population of over 100,000 common seals….Common seal.

Common Name Scientific Name Irish Name
Pinnipedia Phocidae Mammal

Do seals feed at night?

Seals and sea lions can feed quite happily at night, and in deep and cloudy waters – even blind seals have been found hunting and eating normally – so it seems that seeing is not all-important.

How big do harbor seals get?

6 feet
Harbor seals weigh up to 285 pounds and measure up to 6 feet in length. Males are slightly larger than females, and seals in Alaska and the Pacific Ocean are generally larger than those found in the Atlantic Ocean. Harbor seals have short, dog-like snouts.

Where can I see seals in Wexford?

Irish Seal Sanctuary (Courtown, Wexford) A little outside of Wexford Town, the Irish Seal Sanctuary is a great place to get really close to seals, with the popular charity serving as a sanctuary for the majority of the country.

Where are the best places to see seals in Cork?

Common seals travel less than grey seals, but also have traditional breeding and birthing sites that they return to each year. In Cork, good places to spot seals are in the west of the county, including Garinish Island, Baltimore, Clonakilty and Kinsale.

What kind of seals are found in Ireland?

Seals in Ireland Irish waters are home to two different species of seal – the grey seal, and the common seal, which is also sometimes called the harbour seal. WHERE CAN I FIND THEM? Both species are distributed mainly around the western coast of Ireland but can also be found in the east in bays and offshore islands.

Where are the best places to see grey seals in Scotland?

Summer is the best time to visit when 1,300 grey seals visit. Seals can be found resting on the sandbanks all along the Moray Firth to Findhorn.

Where are the best places to see birds in Ireland?

The privately owned Saltee Islands off the southern shores of Wexford, are widely recognised as one of the best seabird sanctuaries in Europe – and even the world. Hike around these rugged and deserted islands for the chance to spot over 220 species of birds, including the adorably iconic puffin!

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