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What colors do ball pythons come in?

What colors do ball pythons come in?

A-Z Ball Python Morphs List

Morph Color
Albino Bright yellow and white snake with bright red eyes
Axanthic Gray, black, white, brown, and silver colors
Banana Strong yellow colored blotches and spots against a tan base color
Black (Black-Backed) A thick, unbroken stripe of concentrated pigment running down their spines

How many different colors of ball pythons are there?

Captive ball pythons are available in hundreds of different color patterns. Some of the most common are pastel, albino, mojave, banana, lesser, and axanthic. Breeders are continuously creating new designer morphs, and over 7,500 different morphs currently exist.

What are the different types of ball python?

These are the original morphs from which hundreds of other morphs have been acquired through selective breeding.

  • Banana Ball Python.
  • Albino Ball Python.
  • Bumblebee Ball Python.
  • Spider Ball Python.
  • Pastel Ball Python.
  • Mojave Ball Python.
  • Lesser Ball Python.
  • Blue-Eyed Leucistic Ball Python (BEL)

Do ball pythons change colors?

Ball pythons have piercing dark eyes that often carry the same colored patterns as their bodies, with tiny stripes or lines running through them. When ball pythons begin to shed, their eyes change color temporarily, appearing blue or gray. This is a normal part of the shedding process, not a permanent color change.

Regular ball pythons are black or dark brown, with light brown or gold sides. The belly is white or cream. But the banana ball python is a light orange-yellow color with a purple coloration.

How much does a ball python cost?

A ball python, found at a local pet store such as PetSmart, can cost $30 to $70. Local reptile breeders or shows will commonly sell its ball pythons for $50 to $175.

What colour are pythons?

Burmese pythons’ typical coloration is brown, tan, and black, but the albino variation lacks those color pigments, and the snake is white with a yellow pattern. In the wild, albino snakes rarely survive because both predators and prey can spot them more easily, but they are striking to look at in zoos.

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