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Who is the owner of Kapruka?

Who is the owner of Kapruka?

Dulith Herath
Dulith Herath is an entrepreneur, web-technologies specialist, Founder and the Chairman of, Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce organization.

How does Kapruka work?

The Kapruka Global Shop will house computers with internet access, allowing customers to visit the shop, browse products and purchase it. “Subsequent to purchasing the product, the global shop staff will provide the customer with a receipt which will also include the shipping cost.

What are the ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka?

These are (in chronological order): the kingdoms of Tambapanni, Upatissa Nuwara, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Dambadeniya, Gampola, Kotte, Sitawaka and Kandy. The kingdoms existed in what is today the modern state of Sri Lanka.

Who is the owner of derana?

Dilith Jayaweera

Dilith Jayaweera
Occupation Entrepreneur Businessman Attorney-At-Law
Known for Chair, George Steuart Group Chairman – Derana Director – Citrus Leisure PLC, Colombo Land and Development PLC Jt. managing director – Triad (Pvt) Ltd

Does Kapruka deliver on time?

Customer Review / Survery: Kapruka always gives the best experience to the customer. The deliveries are on time and the gift items are in good quality.

What is the best online shopping site in Sri Lanka?

Top Shopping Apps in Sri Lanka of Google Play Store

Free Apps
1 Daraz Online Shopping App Daraz Mobile
2 – Leading online B2B Trade Marketplace Alibaba Mobile
3 ikman – Sell, Rent, Buy & Find Jobs ikman
4 AliExpress Alibaba Mobile

How much does kapruka pay for a delivery?

To learn more about Kapruka go to Kapruka Corporate Information page. For product related blog postings go to Kapruka Blog site. Payments are secure in Kapruka. Delivery rates start at $1.50

How to become a partner of kapruka Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka. Have questions or comments about the technology behind the Kapruka website?. Write to the Technology Department Interested in becoming partners with Kapruka?. See our Affiliate Program Visit Careers section to search for Jobs at Kapruka. To learn more about Kapruka go to Kapruka Corporate Information page.

Who was the first kapruka King of Sri Lanka?

About Kapruka King / Queen Rulling Period Year Capital Vijaya 38 Years 543 – 505 BC Thammanna Nuwara Upathissa 01 Year 505 – 504 BC Upathissa Nuwara Panduwasa Dewa 30 Years 504 -474 BC Upathissa Nuwara Abhaya 20 Years 474 – 454 BC Upathissa Nuwara

What foods can you buy from kapruka in Sri Lanka?

Nestlé CERELAC Mixed Cereals and vegetable.. Nestlé CEREGROW Wheat, Honey and Dates, 25.. Healthy Fresh Fruit Box – Vitamin C Fruits.. De Skinned Broiler Chicken 12 Piece Pre Cu.. Java Lounge Fresh Bread Basket – Made Fres.. Payments are secure in Kapruka. Delivery rates start at $1.50 Do you home deliver during CORVID-19 curfew times in Sri Lanka?

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