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What is the meaning of khazAnA in English?

What is the meaning of khazAnA in English?

/khazānā/ mn. treasure uncountable noun. In children’s stories, treasure is a collection of valuable old objects, such as gold coins and jewels. /khazana, khazAnA, khazaanaa, khazānā, khzana, khzAnA, khzaanaa, khzānā/

What is the meaning of Haak?

n a sharp curve or crook; a shape resembling a hook. Synonyms: haakje Type of: curve, kromme. the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes.

What is Khazana food?

Khana Khazana was an Indian cookery show hosted by Indian chef, Sanjeev Kapoor. The show is primarily based upon Indian cuisine. Over the years, Chef Kapoor has been more conscious and concerned about food-related diseases and has been cooking low-fat and healthy meals.

How do you use cavernous in a sentence?

Cavernous Sentence Examples

  1. She looked around, feeling very much alone in the cavernous room.
  2. Sarah started to pick up clothes and put them back in the cavernous, walk-in closet.

Who is the owner of Khana Khazana?

Sanjeev Kapoor
Sanjeev Kapoor (born 10 April 1964) is a famous Indian celebrity chef, entrepreneur and television personality. Kapoor hosted the popular TV show Khana Khazana, the longest running show of its kind in Asia which was broadcast in 120 countries and in 2010 had more than 500 million viewers.

How much does Sanjeev Kapoor earn?

He owns food channel – FOOD FOOD and host the shows – Cook Smart and Secret Recipes with Sanjeev Kapoor. The channel generates over Rs. 50 Crores annually….Sanjeev Kapoor Net Worth.

Name Sanjeev Kapoor
Monthly Income And Salary 2.5 Crore +
yearly Income 25 Crore +
DOB 10 April 1964
Age 56 Years

What is the meaning of Hadi in Urdu?

Hadi or Hady (Arabic: هادي‎) is an Arabic/Persian/Turkish/Urdu masculine given name. Al-Hadi is one of the 99 Names of God in Islam meaning The Guider.

How do you write Hak in Urdu?

HAK Meaning in English to Urdu is گلے لگانا اور بوس و کنار کرنا, as written in Urdu and Hug And Kiss, as written in Roman Urdu.

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