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How do I import products into WooCommerce?

How do I import products into WooCommerce?

Go to: WooCommerce > CSV Import Suite. Click the Import Products button. Select Choose File, and upload a file from your computer or from wherever your CSV is located. The delimiter is the character that separates the values, in this case a comma.

How do I import WooCommerce to WooCommerce?

Go to WooCommerce > Products, and click Import button.

  1. Click Import.
  2. Choose a file.
  3. Column Mapping.
  4. Import in Progress.
  5. Import Complete.
  6. Product Page.
  7. Product Exporter.
  8. Choose columns and product types.

How do I import bulk products into WooCommerce?

  1. Getting Started. Plugin setup.
  2. Import. Import products with attributes.
  3. Export products to CSV. Batch export products.
  4. Import product metadata from CSV.
  5. Bulk update product category. Bulk upload variable products.
  6. Cron Import products using multiple CSVs.
  7. Set email alert on cron import.
  8. Migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce.

How do I import an Excel file into WooCommerce?

How to Import WooCommerce Products From Excel?

  1. Open ‘Catalog’ tab and go to ‘Products’ section.
  2. Launch Import Wizard by pressing ‘Import’ button.
  3. Select import source and choose the file to upload.
  4. Configure File Settings.
  5. Select identification fields and map database fields to the ones contained in your excel file.

How do I import images into WooCommerce?

Steps to import

  1. Select Products under post type.
  2. Select an import method: One can choose among: Quick import, Pre-saved template and Advanced import.
  3. Map import columns: To map import columns.
  4. Advanced Options/Batch Import: Provides advanced options to import and scheduling import.
  5. Click on Import to finish.

Where is WooCommerce data stored?

WooCommerce uses a combination of both WordPress database tables and its own custom tables to store its data. However, WooCommerce doesn’t have a dedicated table to store the customer data. The customer data is stored in different database tables, which sometimes might make retrieval of this data challenging.

What is import CSV?

The CSV Import plugin allows users to import items from a simple CSV (comma-separated values) file, and then map the CSV column data to multiple elements, files, and/or tags. Each row in the file represents metadata for a single item.

How do I import multiple images into WooCommerce?

Setup and Configuration

  1. Go to: WooCommerce > Products.
  2. Select one of your Variable products.
  3. Select the Variations tab in the Product Details box.
  4. Find the Add Additional Images link and click. This link allows you to add any number of additional images for each variation.

How to import and export products in WooCommerce?

Import, export or update hundreds or thousands of products in your WooCommerce store with a single CSV. This tool supports all product types, including variations. First-time store owners get started more quickly by exporting and importing products during setup

Where do I find variations in WooCommerce CSV?

If at this point the product is viewed at Products > All products, an almost-complete variable product is visible, but is missing its variations: Next, go back to WooCommerce > CSV Import Suite > Import Products. This time, click the button in the lower section, Import Variations.

Where can I download the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress?

In the manual installation, you will need to download the zip file of the plugin from the plugin page in You can upload the file directly from your WordPress dashboard, or using an FTP application. For every update of the plugin, you will be notified of the installed plugins page.

What to do before importing product into WordPress?

Before completing the import, you can ensure that your column headers are mapped to the correct field in WordPress. This acts as a final check to make sure everything is will be imported correctly. Check the list to make sure that your fields are being mapped to the right place. When you’re happy, click Submit.

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