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Why are Les Paul Junior so expensive?

Why are Les Paul Junior so expensive?

It has a certain pedigree or history associated with it that can “justify” its higher price. They also probably don’t make as many of these and promote them far less that other models. On the other hand, the faded studio is priced so that they can sell every last one they make.

Is a Les Paul Junior a full size guitar?

The Gibson Les Paul Jr. is a solid-body electric guitar introduced in 1954 as an affordable, entry-level Les Paul. It was first released with a single-cutaway body style; models with a double-cutaway body style were later introduced in 1958….Gibson Les Paul Junior.

Gibson Les Paul Jr.
Neck joint Set
Scale 24.75″
Body Mahogany

Are Les Paul Juniors any good?

It’s a great unit, works well and offers loads of sustain since it sits on a mahogany body. Tuners come in shape of Gibson’s regular set, and those work pretty well. When they look at Gibson Les Paul Junior, many think it’s an affordable version. That’s pretty far from the truth, both in terms of price and quality.

What is special about Les Paul?

The Les Paul Special VE delivers a fat and nasty tone, thanks to its two open-coil humbucker pickups. It features a poplar body that is acoustically resonant, and the mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard add warmth and sustain.

What is a Gibson Les Paul Special guitar?

The Gibson Les Paul Special is a variation of the Gibson Les Paul guitar. It was introduced in 1955. Contents. Overview. Like most of Gibson’s other budget models, the Les Paul Special was produced in a TV Yellow finish, which was made by Gibson as a finish that would look good on black and white television.

What are the different Les Paul models?

Except for Gibson Custom Shop/Historic models, there are currently four types of the Les Paul double cut model. Les Paul Doublecut Pro Les Paul Faded Doublecut Les Paul Standard Doublecut Plus Les Paul DC AA Top

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