How do I change my envato password?

How do I change my envato password?

How do I change my password?

  1. Login to your Envato Account (click Sign In in the top right corner)
  2. Click on your username (also in the top right corner!)
  3. Click Profile in the drop down menu.
  4. Then, click Envato Account settings.
  5. You’ll need to sign in again as a security measure.
  6. Click Change password.

How do I change my envato email?

How do I change my Email address?

  1. Login to Envato Account.
  2. Click the Edit details.
  3. Replace your existing email address with your new one.
  4. Click Save to complete the change.

What is an Envato account?

Envato Elements shares a single membership system (called an Envato Account) with other sites in our network including Envato Market & Envato Studio. Your single Envato Account gives you access to the network with the one username and password, and makes it easy to keep your details updated across all of our sites.

What is Envato market?

Envato Market is the leading marketplace for images, themes, project files and creative assets. Envato Studio connects clients with hand-picked freelance talent, and Tuts+ is home to thousands of tutorials and video courses. Our sites and services help millions of people around the world.

How do I delete my Envato account?

How to cancel Envato

  1. Log into your Envato Elements account.
  2. Select My Subscriptions.
  3. Select cancel your subscription found underneath the payment details box.
  4. Select Cancel My Envato Elements Subscription.

What is my envato username?

Follow these steps to recover your Envato Account username. Click here to recover your username/s. Enter the email address associated with your account/s. The Envato Account username/s associated with your email address will be emailed to you.

Can you make money on Envato?

Every time an item sells on Envato Market, the author of that item earns income! You can find out more about fees, rates and how to make money on the Make Money page. …

How do I sell a template on Envato?

  1. Get to Know Envato.
  2. Create an Envato Account.
  3. Read our Author Glossary.
  4. Review Our Quality Expectations.
  5. Upload Your Items.
  6. Keep Track of Earnings & Performance.
  7. Manage Your Items.
  8. Explore Marketing and Promotion Opportunities.

What happens if I cancel Envato?

You will not be able to download any new item, including previously licensed items. You can’t use an Item to create an End Product after your subscription ends. even if you have downloaded the item prior to the cancellation. You will not be able to create new licenses for any item, including previously licensed items.

Why is my Envato account locked?

Any PayPal or credit card dispute will automatically result in your account being locked as a security precaution and this can take much longer to resolve than contacting us first.

How do I sell my Envato code?

More ways to earn.

  1. Sell more, Earn more. Hit new earnings milestones to make more out of every sale. View payment schedule.
  2. Spread the word. Send traffic to Envato Market and earn income for every sale. See our affiliate program.
  3. Choose exclusivity. Go exclusive to earn more.
  4. Multiple markets. Get as creative as you like!

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