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Is Fmic better than tmic?

Is Fmic better than tmic?

From an airflow efficiency standpoint, a top mount intercooler will be more efficient than a front mount given the shorter path from the turbo to intake. Also consider the use of mandrel bends on a front mount intercooler kit, which is much better for flow than the restrictive factory piping.

Do I need a tune for a Fmic WRX?

Registered. yes, a fmic will change your MAF scaling and your a/f ratio’s. It definitely needs to be tuned.

What does tmic stand for?


Acronym Definition
TMIC Training Management Information Center
TMIC Tactical MAGTF (Marine Air-Ground Task Force) Integration Course (US Marine Corps)
TMIC The Members Insurance Company (American Automobile Association Carolinas)
TMIC Taiwan Meetings Information Center

Can you upgrade turbo without tune?

Having a bigger turbo without tuning is not recommended. It will be very unstable and it’s a little bit of a bet to have it deliver you a good boost every time you floor the throttle. Your car will run lean and you will not see any benefit at all. It will slow you down more than you will gain horsepower.

Which is better a WoT pull or a TMIC?

While you wont feel the difference in the seat of your pants on WOT pull, the difference is measurable with more advanced tools. With that said, the difference is practically negligible, so use the information presented below to help form your buying decisions. Does a FMIC cool better than a TMIC?

Is there a top mount intercooler for WRX?

It’s one of the most common mods for 2015-2019 WRX owners who plan to build past the standard stage 2. Truth be told, there is a bit of unnecessary controversy surrounding the two mods, and with the release of our own WRX top mount intercooler, we hope to lay some of it to rest. The most common questions we get are:

Can a top mount WRX intercooler Fry an egg?

Even while moving, if the ambient air is hot enough, a top mount WRX intercooler may not be able to keep up with cooling charge temps when compared to a front mounted intercooler. Add a few performance modifications into the picture, and you’ve got enough heat under the hood to fry an egg on your intercooler.

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