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What is the fabric of spacetime made of?

What is the fabric of spacetime made of?

Abstract. Empty space is not empty but composed of space particles (SP). This makes the quantized fabric of space (the unified field).

Can space/time fabric be broken?

According to Einstein’s general relativity, it is impossible to tear the fabric of space. They performed a series of mathematical manipulations called flop transitions, which means that the original Calabi-Yau space is flopped over into a new configuration.

How are space and time related?

Einstein, however, introduced the concept of a fourth dimension — time — that meant that space and time were inextricably linked. The general theory of relativity suggests that space-time expands and contracts depending on the momentum and mass of nearby matter.

What happens to the space and time fabric around them?

One of the predictions of Einstein’s general theory of relativity is that any spinning body drags the very fabric of space-time in its vicinity around with it. This is known as “frame-dragging”. The faster an object spins and the more massive it is, the more powerful the drag.

What would happen if space time ripped?

About 60 million years before the Big Rip, galaxies would begin to disintegrate as gravity becomes too weak to hold them together. At the time the Big Rip occurs, even spacetime itself would be ripped apart and the scale factor would be infinity.

What makes up the fabric of space?

Faraday, Maxwell and Thomson believed that the space fabric consists of something, force or energy, under pressure which had a type of fluidic response to deformation. De Broglie, Dirac, Bohm, Casimir and Puthoff among others have all drawn some particular aspect of that primitive conception into more refined but also more abstract terms.

What is the spacetime fabric?

(Image credit: Shutterstock) The fabric of space-time is a conceptual model combining the three dimensions of space with the fourth dimension of time.

Is space like fabric?

The idea that space is a fabric has its limitations . It is quite clear that a large mass cannot pull this fabric ‘down’ and cause the other objects within it to move along a curved path. Spacetime may obey geometric equations and be curved, but not like this.

What is the fabric of the universe?

Fabric of the Universe. Fabric of the Universe is a “dark-coloured fabric” that create every part of the universe. It is basically the fabric of the Universe, or simply the endless black void that the stars, planets, and galaxies in the known Universe float in.

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