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What comes first n or n?

What comes first n or ñ?

By itself, it is pronounced nang, but in general Filipino orthography, it is spelled as if it were two separate letters (n and g). Also, letter derivatives (such as Ñ) immediately follow the base letter.

Is there an app that puts things in alphabetical order?

Alphabetizer App
Alphabetizer App: Free Tool to Put the List of Words in Alphabetical Order.

When someone has 2 last names How do you alphabetize?

Hyphenated names are considered one unit. Ignore the hyphen and alphabetize considering the first part of the hyphenated name. Ignore ampersands (&) joining two or more proper names.

Do numbers or symbols go first in alphabetical order?

If you’re using an alphabetical system, you’ll file numbers in ascending order, that is smallest to largest, the same way you would proceed through the alphabet. When you get to letters, initials go first within their letter designation.

What are the rules for alphabetic order names?

Rule 1. – Alphabetic Order Names are alphabetized by units (the number of words contained in a name). For example, Little Playhouse School has 3 units, Gardener’s Glen has 2 units and Butternuts has 1 unit.

Who is the champion of Alpha in the Order?

Alpha was also the Hide of Salvador Grant, Grafton Davis’s daughter until her death. The Knights discovered Alpha’s existence by reading Grafton Davis’s journal. Salvador Grant is revealed as Alpha’s champion when she gives Jack and Randal the Hide lockers and see that Midnight is among them.

What are the rules for unit by unit alphabetizing?

Unit by unit: Here, each word, abbreviation, and initial is considered as a separate unit. For this article, we’ll be focusing on the unit by unit version simply because it covers pretty much all the rules. Here we go: Numbers go first. Arabic numbers (0-9) are indexed numerically before alphabetic characters.

What are the rules of the road for driving?

SAFE SPEED QUICK REFERENCE Abbreviated Guide To Navigation Rules Of the Road Based on the Navigation Rules International – Inland (Commandant Instruction M16672.2D, 1999) DEFINITIONS (From Rule 3) Vessel Engaged in Fishing – Any vessel ishing with nets, lines, trawls or other ishing apparatus that restricts

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