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Who makes Varta car battery?

Who makes Varta car battery?

Johnson Controls Inc.
Since 2002, Varta has been owned by Johnson Controls Inc. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Under their ownership they have grown to the point that they are now the largest manufacturer of lead acid batteries in the world.

Are Varta batteries maintenance free?

Flooded battery technology by VARTA® – completely maintenance-free.

Are Varta batteries AGM?

AGM – Varta AGM Car Batteries are a heavier duty battery where the electrolyte is suspended within a glass matt material sandwiched between the plates. EFB – Varta EFB Car Batteries are a middle ground between wet and AGM batteries.

Do Varta make gel batteries?

VARTA Powersports batteries deliver the power you need – no matter what vehicle or terrain. The battery range provides reliable starting power, exceptional supply energy and a robust construction to withstand vibrations. VARTA Powersports Gel batteries are supplied fully charged and ready to go.

Is Varta same as Bosch?

The answer is very simple – for more than 5 years, and maybe more, the Varta and Bosch batteries almost do not differ from each other. They have the same size, the same starting currents, and the same production technology, the difference between them is only in labels and catalog numbers.

What is the life of an AGM battery?

six years
If kept in a charged state when unused, the common lifespan of a 12-volt Gel or AGM battery is up to six years. After five or six years of float voltage at an average ambient temperature of 25 ºC, the battery still retains 80 % of its original capacity.

Which is the best battery range for Varta?

For complete reliability and peace of mind, the Varta Blue Dynamic batteries range offers extra starting power and keeps up with your busy daily schedule. It provides consistently high performance for longer periods of time.

Why are VARTA batteries used in new cars?

A new car with so many electrical fittings has higher power consumption because of its modernized high technology compared to an older car that is small. Our products offer full satisfaction to our customers provided it is from our dynamic trio range; Varta, start stop or one of the batteries.

Can a Varta battery be used with an AGM battery?

Therefore a battery that can withstand deeper cycling such as an AGM battery has to be used. For some reason the part numbers for both these battery makes differ, when it comes to the Silver AGM battery range. The G14 Varta Silver 017 AGM battery

Can a Varta battery fit in a Subaru Legacy?

The battery was smaller in size so it could not fit in a 01 Subaru Legacy well though I just installed it. There were no damages, it arrived safely. Five years down the line, have had no problems with the different Varta batteries that I have used in my project car. As much as the batteries are costly, they are worth it.

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