Who killed Alison mother?

Who killed Alison mother?

In the Season Four Finale: “A is for Answers”, Jessica was murdered by her twin sister Mary Drake and was later found by her niece, Charlotte, who then buried her in the Hastings’ backyard.

Did Spencer’s dad kill Allison’s mom?

In the new episode, Spencer’s dad comes back into town to reveal the long-running mystery, and it turns out it was Mary Drake who killed and buried Mrs. DiLaurentis. Yep — her own twin sister! Hastings, Mary wanted her sister to pay and used his pills to finally kill Jessica.

Did Allison’s mom really die in pretty little liars?

Alison makes up a story about her disappearance saying that she was kidnapped. While the girls were in New York, back in Rosewood Jessica DiLaurentis (Alison’s mother) was killed and buried in the Hastings backyard.

Who was the person that killed Alison on Pretty Little Liars?

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finally Revealed Who Killed Alison’s Mom and Dropped Another Baby Bombshell! WARNING: We’re about to discuss the biggest bombshells from this week’s all-new episode of Pretty Little Liars – and trust us, there were a lot!

Who was the father of Alison’s baby in PLL?

From mama drama with Alison’s baby, to a newly discovered branch in Charlotte’s family tree, and the shocking truth behind Mrs. DiLaurentis’ death — here are the four biggest bombshells of the night… EXCLUSIVE: Shay Mitchell on the Father of Ali’s Baby & the One ‘PLL’ Question That Won’t Be Answered

Who is Alison Hastings mother in Pretty Little Liars?

Starting from Alison’s Mother, Jessica DiLaurentis, had a Twin sister called Mary Drake. And I think you know that Peter Hastings, Spencer Hastings’ father had an affair with Jessica and he became the father of Jason DiLaurentis (Alison’s Brother).

Who are Jason and Allison in Pretty Little Liars?

He had an older brother Jason and a sister Allison. He always “tried” to help take care of his family but ended up hurting someone. His father then sent him to Radley (the mental asylum) for the rest of his childhood. During his s The big question. WHO IS A?!? I have the answer for you. (At least the answer from the show)

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