Is Nirvana in Fire 1 and 2 connected?

Is Nirvana in Fire 1 and 2 connected?

Basically, this second season takes place in the same drama world as Nirvana In Fire, but because the story carries on 2 generations after the first season, there is a complete change in cast.

Where was nirvana in fire filmed?

Hengdian World Studios

Nirvana in Fire
Production locations Hengdian World Studios Xiang Shan Studios
Cinematography Sun Molong
Editor Li Gang
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup

Is there any romance in Nirvana in fire?

Nirvana in Fire might not be a romance-centric show but romantic love still plays an important role in our story and is not any less admirable. The main love story is between Lin Shu and Princess Nihuang. Betrothed to each other while young, they grew up together and are both from martial families.

Who dies in Nirvana in Fire?

Mei Changsu dies off screen. Xiao Jingyan becomes Emperor of Da Liang. Jingyan names an army branch as “Changlin Army” after Mei Changsu/Lin Shu.

Is Nirvana in Fire worth watching?

I was recommended to watch Nirvana in Fire and Ten Miles. Both got extremely good reviews by almost everyone.

Is Nirvana in Fire Season 2 GOOD?

Pacing wise, Nirvana In Fire II unfolds at a more stately pace. It is not until about one-third into the 50 episodes that we get a glimpse into why the empress’ spiritual adviser Puyang Ying (the silkily villainous Guo Jingfei) is nefariously scheming away. The sequel is more of a slow burn, but it remains compelling.

Is Nirvana in fire worth watching?

Is there action in Nirvana in Fire?

Nirvana in Fire is a very meaty revenge drama adapted from an existing novel; very action and story packed. Leave it to Hu Ge to be in such a high budget and thorough drama! I was never a big fan of Hu Ge’s dramas, but I really enjoy this one.

Who is Gong Yu in Nirvana in Fire?

Gong Yu is a musician, martial artist, and a member of the Jiangzuo Alliance. She participates in Jingrui’s Birthday Party to destroy Xie Yu, who had employed her father to kill Xiao Jingrui as an infant. Gong Yu’s father instead killed the son of Madam Zhuo and Zhuo Dingfeng and for that failure, Xie Yu killed him.

Who are the actors in Nirvana in fire?

Nirvana in Fire (Chinese: 琅琊榜; pinyin: Lángyá Bǎng) is a 2015 Chinese historical drama based on Hai Yan’s book Lang Ya Bang (瑯琊榜). It was directed by Kong Sheng and Li Xue, and stars Hu Ge, Liu Tao and Wang Kai as Mei Changsu, Princess Nihuang and Prince Jing.

Who is the composer of Nirvana in fire 2?

The Nirvana in Fire 2 OST album was released on January 8, 2018, with music composed by Meng Ke, season 1’s main composer, and Lu Liang. The drama’s theme song “Qing Ping Yuan (清平愿)”, which was composed by Dong Suoda and written by Hai Yan, was not included in the album.

Why was the book called Nirvana in fire?

The English title Nirvana in Fire was chosen to attract foreign viewers and reflects the main character Mei Changsu’s suffering and his ultimate liberation “from an endless cycle of personal reincarnations”.

What did Lin Shu do in Nirvana in fire?

Under the name Su Zhe, Lin Shu becomes a strategist, who supports Prince Yu on the surface. He helps him take down the Crown Prince and his powerful ally, Marquess Xie Yu. Secretly, he assists Prince Jing as he rises in power and favor.

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