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How much does it cost to clean an area rug?

How much does it cost to clean an area rug?

Area Rug Cleaning Cost The average cost to clean your area rug ranges between $50 and $300 or $75 to $150 average for a typical rug between 4 by 8 and 6 by 10 feet. Rug cleaning prices fall between $1.25 and $8 per square foot. Where on that range you fall depends on the scrubbing method and type of material.

How much does it cost to clean a 6×9 rug?

Area Rug Cleaning Cost

Size (ft) Steam / Dry Clean Hand Wash
4×6 $35 – $120 $75 – $200
5×8 $60 – $200 $120 – $320
6×9 $75 – $250 $150 – $400
8×10 $120 – $400 $240 – $640

How much does it cost to dry clean a 3×5 rug?

Rug cleaning prices by size

Rug size or shape Estimated cost to clean
3×5 feet $18-$75 per rug
4×8 feet $40-$160 per rug
6×10 feet $75-$300 per rug
3-foot round $9-$36 per rug

How do you deep clean a rug yourself?

  1. Remove loose dirt with a vacuum.
  2. Test the cleaner on your rug for colorfastness.
  3. Work the cleaner into the rug and let it sit for several minutes.
  4. Hose off the rug.
  5. Use a squeegee to remove excess water.
  6. Allow both sides of the rug to dry out completely.
  7. Vacuum or brush the rug to loosen compacted fibers.

What is the best way to clean a rug?

A mixture of equal parts white wine vinegar, washing up liquid and warm water should remove tough stains like coffee, red wine and mud. The best thing to do with mud, however, is to leave it to dry and vacuum before cleaning. If you want an easy way to keep your rug clean, then choose a machine-washable one.

Can you take a rug to the dry cleaner?

Rug dry cleaning can be successful if your rug is only lightly soiled or marked. You cannot take your rug down to any local dry cleaner. If your rug is more than a little marked, dirty, or soiled, it is best to bring your rug to a professional rug cleaning service instead.

How do I clean my rug myself?

Deep Clean – Floor Rugs

  1. Vacuum the top of the rug.
  2. Roll up the the rug and move it away from the area to clean.
  3. Vacuum and mop the floor (if a hard surface, don’t mop carpet LOL) where the rug was sitting to remove any dust build up.
  4. Roll rug out elsewhere upside down.
  5. Vacuum the bottom of the rug.

How do you deep clean a rug by hand?

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