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How much does analytical chemistry earn?

How much does analytical chemistry earn?

R12,186 (ZAR)/yr.

Is Analytical Chemistry in demand in South Africa?

South Africa is rich in minerals and hence there is a demand for chemists in the mining industry. Career opportunities also exist in the fine chemical, pharmaceutical, food and catalytic converter industries. Practical laboratory work and theoretical studies form essential parts of chemistry programmes.

What do analytical chemists do in South Africa?

Analytical chemists are specialized scientists who work to determine the chemical makeup of a variety of substances, both organic and inorganic.

What are the job opportunities for analytical chemistry?

Search for the latest analytical chemistry jobs in your area below.

  • Professor of Chemistry.
  • NASA Postdoctoral Program – Application Deadline November 1st, 2021.
  • Labs and analytical support deputy manager.
  • Laboratory Supervisor.
  • QC Analyst.
  • Senior QC Analyst.
  • Quality Control Team Leader.
  • Supply Logistics Specialist – JP92081.

Where can an analytical chemist work?

Typical employers of analytical chemists

  • Government agencies.
  • Publicly funded research councils.
  • Hospitals.
  • Universities.
  • Public health laboratories.
  • Environmental agencies.
  • Specialist research organisations.
  • Consultancies.

What qualifications do you need to be an Analytical Chemist?

In order to obtain an entry-level position, analytical chemists need a BSc or HND in a relevant subject such as chemistry, applied/analytical chemistry or biochemistry. Many decide to gain extensive work experience in the lab via work-study programmes or internships.

Is it hard to get a job as an analytical chemist?

Analytical Chemists require a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, physics, or other related field just to obtain entry-level positions. Obtaining extensive lab experience through work-study programs or internships is highly recommended. Work experience is also very important for advancement in this field.

Is analytical chemistry easy?

Analytical Chemistry is probably the easiest chemistry class.

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