Is there an end credit scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2?

Is there an end credit scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2?

Spoiler alert: If you don’t want to know about the post-credits scene in “Breaking Dawn Part 2,” stop reading now. Nikki Reed, who plays vampire Rosalie in the movie, recently revealed to MTV News that the film will feature a post-credits scene showing all 150 cast members performing a choreographed dance number.

What is the last line of Breaking Dawn Part 2?

The End. And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect peice of our forever. So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

Why did Edward say there’s one exception?

Bella says this quote to Edward, and he replies by saying, “ There’s one exception.” They both feel like they’ve found their soulmate and that they love one another on a deep, abiding level. This relationship and how intense they are about one another is why many people love the series.

How did Bella show Edward her thoughts at the end?

In Twilight, Bella realizes Edward Cullen’s ability to read minds and also that he can’t read hers. He explains about this ability, and how he finds her mind closed off from him. He teased her that maybe he could only read FM minds, and that she was on AM.

What is the ending song in Twilight?

Songs by scene

# Song/Artist Scene
2 “Decode” by Paramore Second song in end credits
3 “Full Moon” by The Black Ghosts Opening credits
4 “Leave Out All the Rest” by Linkin Park Second song in end credits (after “15 Step”)
5 “Spotlight (Twilight Mix)” by Mutemath Bella gets out of car at school with Edward

Does Jacob end up with Renesmee?

Fans know, in the end, Jacob and Renesmee do live happily ever after together, along with Edward and Bella.

What was the ending of Breaking Dawn Part 2?

For months, we’ve been teased about Breaking Dawn — Part 2 ‘s “twist” ending. The movie follows Stephenie Meyer’s book closely, up until the point where Alice (Ashley Greene) enters the climactic scene to defend vampire-human hybrid Renesmee’s (Mackenzie Foy) existence.

Who are the people that die in Breaking Dawn?

Many end up dead, including Jasper (Jackson Rathbone), Jane (Dakota Fanning),Caius (Jamie Campbell-Bower), Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl) and Aro — who is killed by Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella themselves. However, right after Bella finishes the Volturi’s leader off — the scene changes, and we’re back to Alice and Aro touching hands.

Who are Alice’s witnesses in Breaking Dawn Part 2?

Alice’s witnesses — half-human/half-vampire Nahuel (JD Pardo) and his aunt Huilen (Marisa Quinn) — explain that Renesmee will reach maturity seven years after her birth, and that she is no danger to the vampiric lifestyle.

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