What is 10 Guy meme?

What is 10 Guy meme?

He’s a lad called Connor Sinclair: The meme came to light back in November of 2011 when a picture of a rather red-faced young man looking slightly worse for wear appeared on Reddit. The image was posted to the marijuana enthusiast r/trees subreddit titled: “Being at a [10] is not always pretty.”

Why is it called 10 Guy?

Posters called the meme “10 guy” because he rocketed to fame in the Reddit board /r/trees where marijuana enthusiasts share memes and stories. When you’re a 10 guy you are stoned beyond comprehension.

What is ten Guy?

Connor Sinclair revealed himself as the 10 Guy, aka Stoner Stanley or Really High Guy, a meme that was born then thrived on Reddit before spilling onto the rest of the internet in 2011.

Who is Stoner Stanley?

Likewise after 10 years of anonymity we meet one of the characters behind one of the most iconic memes of 2011, Connor Sinclair “Stoner Stanley”, a young man whose image has been used countless times to represent comic situations that involves the effects under marijuana, such as the examples that we show you below.

What is the Juan meme?

A combination of a photo of a horse on a balcony and text that reads “Juan” is a popular meme about a god-like horse. The popularity of this meme may be in part due to its similarities to “man horse” memes and other Spanish language memes like “horse Luis,” which dates back to 2014.

What does what a guy mean?

What a guy is a form of praise that can be used for pretty much any occasion. Sarcastically: my husband forgot our anniversary, what a guy. Complimentary: my husband took me out to dinner and got me roses for our anniversary, what a guy.

Who made Juan meme?

Spanish comedian Juan Joya Borja, whose infectious laughter brought him global fame, has passed away aged 65. Better known by his nickname El Risitas, meaning Giggles, the comedian became known on the internet as “Spanish laughing guy”.

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