What should I study for CMA exam?

What should I study for CMA exam?

CMA Exam study tips

  1. Use a CMA Exam prep course. Using the best CMA Exam prep will make your CMA study journey much easier and increase your chances of passing on your first attempt.
  2. Decide which part you’re taking first.
  3. Build a realistic study plan.
  4. Create a productive study environment.

How do I study for the CCMA exam?

The following CCMA test-prep tips should help you prepare for the exam:

  1. Know the Exam Topics:
  2. Identify Your Weak Points:
  3. Schedule Study Times:
  4. Spread It Out:
  5. Take CCMA Practice Tests:
  6. Learn Multiple Choice Strategies:
  7. Take Care of Yourself:
  8. Talk to People Who Have Taken the CCMA Exam:

Is the CMA state test hard?

How Hard is the CMA Certification Exam? The CMA exam is 200 questions and you’ll be given 160 minutes total to answer them, so time management is vital. Of the over 10,000 applicants who took the CMA test in 2018, 60% passed on their first attempt.

How many questions are on the medical assistant exam?

The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions administered in four 40-minute segments. CMA (AAMA) Exam Practice Tutorial | Completing the American Association of Medical Assistants Computer-Based Testing Tutorial prepares CMA (AAMA) exam candidates for what to expect when taking the exam at the testing site.

How long should I study for the CCMA exam?

It can be best to give yourself up to eight weeks to review and study before your testing date so you’re confident in your knowledge. Since there’s a lot of material to cover, dedicate a week to each section – two for reviewing clinical patient care!

How hard is the CMA exam?

The CMA exam is a very difficult and challenging test that will test your intellectual limits. It’s notorious for its rigor and difficulty, and that’s a fact. It is not an easy test, and if you want to pass, you need to prepare far ahead of time. The CMA pass rate for both sections together is only 45%.

How many hours a day I should study for CMA?

If you were to study for 20 hours a week, you could prepare for both CMA exam parts in 3-4 months. Conversely, if you study for just 10 hours a week, you can finish your studies in 6-8 months. Studying for 20 hours a week means averaging almost 3 hours a day , whereas studying for 10 hours a week means averaging about an hour and a half a day.

What is the CMA exam?

CMA Exam definition. The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Exam is a 13-hour, four-part exam on business analysis, management accounting and reporting, strategic management, and business application. The exam is administered through IMA, the acronym for the Institute of Management Accountants.

What is the exam structure of the CMA exam?

Exam Structure. The CMA exam isn’t some little quiz. It’s an expansive exam that includes 200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and 4 essay scenarios with 2-7 questions per essay. The exam is divided into two parts.

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