Where can I find music promoters?

Where can I find music promoters?

Try and go to other bands’ gigs as much as possible too to get to know more promoters on your circuit. If you’re looking for new contacts locally, or perhaps for gigs in a different town or city, then also keep an eye on venue gig listings to find out which promoters are putting on regular shows.

What does a rock promoter do?

The main job of a music promoter, usually simply called a promoter, is to publicize a concert. They work with agents – or in some cases, directly with the bands – and with clubs and concert venues to arrange for a show to take place. Promoters are in charge of making sure the word gets out about that show.

What music promoters do?

A music promoter is someone who will publicize and promote upcoming local or national live events and concerts. He or she will also organize the events, book the band or bands, and advertise in a way to bring in as many people as possible, which in turn, will bring in profits.

Who is the largest concert promoter?

Live Nation
Live Nation, the largest concert promoter, and Ticketmaster Entertainment, the No.

What degree do you need to be a concert promoter?

Although there are no educational or degree requirements to become a music promoter, for the person who would like to add some formal education to their resume, there are some great training programs one can take.

How do promoters get paid?

Most club promoters are not paid a salary. Club promoters are normally paid on a commission structure where they are either paid a flat dollar amount for a set number of guests, a tiered payment based on performance, or a set dollar amount “per head” (“per head” means “per guest”).

How much do concert promoters get paid?

The average income for a concert promoter ranges anywhere from $40,000 to $114,000, according to Inside Jobs.

What are the 3 basic duties of a music promoter?

What does a music promoter do?

  • Liaise with artists or agents to agree on a date for performance.
  • Book a venue for that agreed upon date.
  • Negotiate a deal with the artist for the gig – what fee or ticket split will be paid?

Is Ticketmaster a promoter?

A decade ago, the Department of Justice approved the merger of Ticketmaster and Live Nation — combining the biggest concert promoter, a major venue operator and artist manager, and the largest ticket provider under one roof. At the time of the merger, Ticketmaster controlled around 80% of the ticketing marketplace.

Do concert promoters make good money?

The Berklee College of Music found that individual concert promoters can earn up to $1 million per year depending on the size of the venues they book, the popularity of the music acts they promote and how many shows per year they produce.

How to find a gig promoter in the UK?

Search gig promoters by UK towns and cities. Names and contact details for venues and promoters. Search over 250 UK unsigned gig promoters… Booking and playing gigs is at the crux of any unsigned band or artist. The Unsigned Guide contains UK gig promoter contacts dealing with all styles of music.

What do I need to know about a music promoter?

Our Promoter listings contain the necessary contact details & name to send your music to, live music venues they use regularly, how often they put on gigs & showcases, & if there’s any particular genres of music they specialise in.

When was the leading music PR company founded?

Quite Great, the leading music PR & marketing company was founded in 1996 – we do stress this as it is vital to understand that we have been changing and adapting to the market, whilst upholding the vision that the business of music promotion and marketing should be fun, creative and honourable throughout all this time…

What makes a good music promotion marketing company?

As a music PR & marketing company, the music team strive to make sure that we act on behalf of our clients in a professional manner and ensure that communication with them is at the forefront of everything we do.

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