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Is UPPAbaby Cruz too heavy?

Is UPPAbaby Cruz too heavy?

Weight. If you’re after a lightweight stroller, the Cruz stroller may not make the top of your list. Weighing 25.5 lbs, it’s barely lighter than the single-to-a-double UPPAbaby Vista V2 (27 lbs) and 4 pounds heavier than the previous Cruz stroller (21.5 lbs). That’s because of the bigger wheels and roomier seat.

What is the difference between Cruz and Vista?

The CRUZ has a more compact and lighter frame design. The CRUZ can only hold one seat while the VISTA offers many double configuration options. The VISTA comes with a Bassinet, but the Bassinet is sold separately with the CRUZ.

Is the UPPAbaby Vista heavy?

Uppababy Vista is 27 lbs with just one seat (a bit more with a bassinet). The stroller is quite heavy. While it’s easy and smooth to push it around and you don’t feel the weight, once you have to lift the stroller it’s a pain in the butt for just one child.

How much does UPPAbaby Cruz 2 weight?

Performance Travel System

True Weight Frame + Seat: 27 lbs, Bassinet: 8.8 lbs Frame + Seat: 25.5 lbs
Width 25.7″ 22.5″
Folded Size 17.3″ L x 25.7″ W x 33.3″ H 16.5″ L x 22.8″ W x 33″ H
Maximum Basket Capacity 30 lbs 30 lbs
Recline Positions 6 5

Should I buy UPPAbaby Vista?

Quick Recap: The UPPAbaby Vista is a more premium stroller but well-worth the price (in my opinion) if you’re someone who will use your stroller a lot. It features tons of versatility from multiple seat options to different facing configurations to the option for multiple kids.

Are Cruz and Vista seats interchangeable?

The UPPAbaby CRUZ and UPPAbaby VISTA seats, while similar, aren’t the same. Therefore, the two seats are not interchangeable: The CRUZ seat cannot fit on the VISTA, and the VISTA seat cannot fit the CRUZ.

What’s the difference between uppababy Cruz V2 and Vista v2?

The VISTA V2 and CRUZ V2 are similar in weight and size. The UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 weighs 1.5 pounds less than the VISTA because its wheels are slightly smaller. The main size difference between the VISTA V2 and CRUZ V2 is the width: The CRUZ V2 has a reduced width of nearly 3 inches, making it a little more compact for navigating crowded spaces.

How big is the uppababy Cruz V2 stroller?

The Uppababy Cruz V2 is the brand’s standard toddler stroller. This stroller is priced at around $650 and is for children from 3 months old to 50 pounds. The Cruz weighs 25.5 lbs with the frame (19 lbs) and the seat (6.5 lbs).

Which is better the Cruz or the Vista?

The Cruz folds up a little more compact than the Vista but both are very convenient. Some trunk spaces may not be large enough to accommodate the stroller with the seat and the wheels. The toddler seat or bassinet can be removed for easier storage, though.

What’s the difference between double stroller and uppababy Vista?

For the VISTA, the second seat (called the RumbleSeat) for the lower position of the double stroller is smaller than the upper seat (known as the Toddler Seat). Learn more about the VISTA’s capabilities as a double stroller in this UPPAbaby VISTA Toddler Seat vs. RumbleSeat comparison.

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