Where do you put the bait in a Havahart trap?

Where do you put the bait in a Havahart trap?

Position your bait towards the center of the trap, luring the animal directly to the trigger plate. You can either place the bait directly onto the plate, hang it from the top of the trap directly above the plate, or place it in a hole in the ground directly underneath the plate.

Which Havahart trap is best for squirrels?

Havahart 2-Door Live Animal Trap
Humane Cage Trap for Chipmunks, Squirrels, Weasels and Rats The Havahart 2-Door Live Animal Trap is Havahart’s small trap and designed to capture a number of small-sized critters, such as chipmunks, squirrels, flying squirrels, weasels and rats.

What is best bait for squirrel trap?

peanut butter
Select a bait that squirrels can’t steal: Spread peanut butter directly onto the trigger plate. When using a solid bait, make sure it’s larger than the mesh openings of the trap – unshelled peanuts work well.

How do you get rid of trapped squirrels?

It is important to never handle any rodents with bare hands. To dispose of kill-trapped ground squirrels, you may: Place the squirrel back into the burrow and cover the opening with soil, or. Double-bag the animal and place it in the garbage (be sure to secure the container lid)

What kind of trap do I need to trap squirrels?

If you have a squirrel problem on your property, live trapping can help you get rid of these critters effectively and humanely. I’ve learned how to trap red squirrels and their larger and more common gray cousins by using a Havahart® Easy Set® Trap.

Is it inhumane to leave a squirrel trapped for a long time?

If you are using an Easy Set® trap, set it by simply pulling back on the Easy Set® lever. It is inhumane to leave an animal trapped for an elongated period of time, because it can quickly grow hungry, thirsty or anxious.

What should I do if I catch a squirrel in my house?

When trapping a squirrel outdoors, anchor your trap or place a heavy object on the top of the trap to prevent another animal from tipping it over and stealing the bait. Before attempting to catch a squirrel inside, confine your squirrel to one room or area by closing off all doors, small holes and cracks that may lead to other parts of the house.

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