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How long does it take to hike the Wonderland Trail?

How long does it take to hike the Wonderland Trail?

10 to 14 days
Trail Conditions Daily elevation gains and losses of over 3,500 feet are common. Allow 10 to 14 days to hike the entire trail, depending on your daily average. The more time you give yourself, the more time you will have to enjoy the wonders of the Wonderland.

How hard is the Wonderland Trail?

The Wonderland Trail is 93 miles (150 km) long and encircles Mount Rainier. It is a strenuous hike with lots of elevation gain and loss, through lowland forests and valleys and into high alpine and sub-alpine areas.

Can you do part of the Wonderland Trail?

Smaller trips and day hiking the Wonderland Trail If you can’t get a reservation it’s still possible to visit many stretches of the Wonderland Trail. You do not need a permit to day hike, and there are access points to the trail all around the park. You can stay in car campgrounds or lodging in or near the park.

What is the best section of the Wonderland Trail?

The best part of the Wonderland Trail is the suspension bridge over Tahoma Creek.

How do you resupply on Wonderland Trail?

For hikers on the Wonderland Trail there is the option to cache food at several locations along the 93 mile (150km) route. Food can either be mailed in advance of the hike, or you may drop it off at the cache location once you arrive in the park.

What is the highest elevation on the Wonderland Trail?

6750 ft.
Gain: 22000 ft. Highest Point: 6750 ft.

What should I bring to Wonderland Trail?

Wonderland Trail Backpackers Checklist

  • Backpack.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Tent.
  • Sleep pad.
  • 2 moisture-wicking shirts (either 2 short sleeve, or 1 short sleeve/1 long sleeve)
  • 1 pair of long pants (comfortable enough for hiking, sleeping and underneath rain pants)
  • 1 pair of hiking shorts.
  • Waterproof Jacket.

Which Teton is easiest to climb?

The Owen Spalding is the easiest and most popular by far. It has three pitches of 5.4 climbing. Many guided climbers and first-time Teton climbers choose the Owen Spalding (sometimes called the OS).

What should I bring to the Teton Crest Trail?

The Gear We Brought on the Teton Crest Trail

  • Backpacks: Osprey Atmos 65 and Jansport Katahdin 70.
  • Water Bladders: Osprey 3-Liter Reservoirs.
  • Water Bottle: Camelbak Podium Big Chill 21oz Insulated Bottle.
  • Tent: Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2.
  • Sleeping Pad: Big Agnes Q-Core SLX Insulated Double.

Is the Wonderland Trail a walk in the park?

The trail is by no means a walk in the park though – while the grade is generally mellow you are either climbing and descending for the entire 93 miles. Some people have strong opinions about hiking the Wonderland one way or the other but I have done both and found them both to be lovely and hard in different ways.

How long is the Wonderland Trail on Mount Rainier?

The Wonderland Trail (WT) is 93 miles (150kms) long and encircles Mount Rainier.

Are there any permits for the Wonderland Trail?

For walk-up permits, remember that unclaimed Wonderland Trail permits are canceled at 10 am the day they’re scheduled to start, so don’t give up hope if there were no permits available when the ranger station opened.

How tall is the highest peak on the Wonderland Trail?

The trail circumnavigates (goes in a circle around) Mount Rainier, the highest peak in Washington at 14,411 ft / 4,392 m. It’s a popular trail and requires hikers to apply for a permit ($20 application fee per group of up to 12 people) in advance – more on Wonderland Trail permits, including walk-up permits, below.

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