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What jobs can I get with a JD MBA?

What jobs can I get with a JD MBA?

Here are 15 jobs you can pursue with a dual J.D./MBA degree that provide a high salary and opportunities to use both legal and business knowledge:

  • Auditor.
  • Financial analyst.
  • Business development manager.
  • Business intelligence analyst.
  • Attorney.
  • Controller.
  • Director of finance.
  • Risk manager.

How much do JD MBA make?

Forbes also reports that those with a JD from Harvard make $130,00 a year to start, while Stanford lawyers pull in $147,000 right after school, and University of Chicago JD graduates make around $132K.

Are JD dual degrees worth it?

Earning a joint degree can yield many benefits for law students, including a reduction in time (and financial aid) required to finish school. In addition to work experience, dual studies can open up increased opportunities for networking while in law school.

Is a JD MPA worth it?

Having a JD can certainly get you a job in the public sector, but earning an MPA (Masters of Public Administration) or an MPP (Masters Of Public Policy) is definitely a better option if you want more flexibility and more job opportunities.

Is a JD MBA Two degrees?

A JD/MBA is a dual degree program offered jointly by some law and business schools. The program generally lasts four years (saving one year over completing both degrees separately) and results in the candidate earning both a Juris Doctor degree and a Master of Business Administration degree.

What are the benefits of JD MBA?

The benefits of MBA JD dual degree are as follows: For an ambitious person, a duel degree could serve you well as it can make up for the lost time with some MBA alums those who chose to get their MBAs after accomplishing law degrees in the past. The MBA JD project also permits high-accomplishing…

What schools offer MBA programs?

Some well-known universities that offer MBA programs in global management or international business, as well as courses in employment relations, include: University of Chicago Booth School of Business , Chicago, Illinois McDonough School of Business of Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Business School of Columbia University, New York, New York

Should I get a JD/MBA?

If you want to practice law, you need a JD. Otherwise, an MBA will impart a broader skill set and most likely open more doors for you. Ultimately, however, it’s not just which degree you get-it’s how you leverage your experience, contacts, and knowledge.

Do all universities offer a dual degree program?

Not every school offers dual degree programs, but many of the best degree programs for undergraduates do. A possible double degree option is one more reason to look for a high-quality program where there are plenty of opportunities.

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