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How much money do you get for winning the darts world championship?

How much money do you get for winning the darts world championship?

Prize money for PDC World Darts Championship Contestants will receive winnings ranging from £7,500 ($9,886 USD/$13,081 CAD) to the grand prize of £500,000 ($659,100 USD/$872,095 CAD), depending on where they finish. Here’s how it shakes out, round-by-round: Winner: £500,000 ($659,100 USD/$872,095 CAD)

How much does a darts player earn?

The top 10 professional dart players can earn between £100,000 – £500,000 annually in prize money. For the top 159 registered professional players, the average annual earnings are £43,213. This figure is for prize money and these players also earn money through sponsorship and exhibition fees.

What was the prize money for the 2016 Darts Championship?

The 2016 World Championship featured a prize fund of at least £1,500,000 – an increase of £250,000 from the 2015 tournament. The prize money was allocated as follows:

Which is the best darts tournament in the world?

Many of the best names in darts at the time moved to form the WDC / PDC and it has always been a bitter rivalry of who is the best. Many now believe the PDC holds that title due to the amount of prize money it offers, currently five times that of the BDO. In 2001 the BDO introduced the first women’s World Darts Championship.

Who are the players in the PDC World Darts Championship?

Three-time world champion John Part was a notable absentee in this tournament, having failed to qualify for the first time since joining the PDC in 1997. The tournament featured 72 players. The top 32 players on the PDC Order of Merit on 30 November 2015 (after the Players Championship Finals) were seeded for the tournament.

Who is the most successful female darts player?

In 2016 Trina won the World Darts title yet again making her the most successful ladies darts player in the World, a record-breaking Ten World Titles. Trina has been awarded the MBE for services to darts and charitable fundraising. In 2008, Ladies dart player Anastasia Dobromyslova moved away from the BDO to the PDC.

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