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Can you surf near Snowdonia?

Can you surf near Snowdonia?

Welcome to Adventure PArc Snowdonia There are few places on the planet where you are guaranteed perfect consistent surf, but as good fortune would have it one of them is in North Wales. Adventure Parc Snowdonia is home to our world-first surf lagoon and the only guaranteed surf breaks in the UK.

How big are the waves at Surf Snowdonia?

150 metres
Surf Snowdonia uses WaveGarden technology, pioneered by a group of surfer-engineers in San Sebastián, Spain, and will soon be rolled out globally. It offers a good-length wave (up to 150 metres if you ride it the whole way) for all ability levels.

Is Surf Snowdonia open all year?

And, you can purchase tickets online when ever during the year. What is the Snowdonia Surf opening times? In seasons the Parc usually opens from 8am-11pm.

Who owns Adventure Snowdonia?

Andrew Ainscough
Andrew Ainscough – Owner & Operations Director – Adventure Parc Snowdonia | LinkedIn.

Can you bodyboard at Surf Snowdonia?

Surf Snowdonia isn’t just about the surfing either, they offer a wide variety of activities including bodyboarding, stand-up paddleboarding and surf kayaking. You can contact Surf Snowdonia by calling 01492 353 123 or by visiting their website at

Is Llandudno good for surfing?

Llandudno, Conwy Not really known for its surf and very inconsistent, but can produce good windswells in strong North West or West winds. Waves at the beach are both lefts and rights and is surfable at all stages of the tide. Hazards include rocks and winter or spring are the best times of year to visit.

How does Surf Snowdonia work?

How Surf Snowdonia will work: A wavefoil that resembles a snowplough will shuttle back and forth along a central underwater track which runs the length of the 300m lagoon. The waves will interact with the contours on the bed of the lagoon to provide various wave profiles at different points in the lagoon.

Where can I go bodyboarding in North Wales?

Everybody’s Surfin’… Surfin’ North Wales

  • Porth Neigwl / Hell’s Mouth. The famous Hell’s Mouth is a gargantuan beach that lies on the tip of the Lleyn peninsula.
  • Traeth Llyndan – Rhosneigr.
  • Barmouth Beach.
  • Porth Oer / Whistling Sands – Aberdaeron.
  • Porth Trecastell / Cable Bay.

How long is Surf Snowdonia?

How long do I get for my surf session? You will get around 55 minutes in the water. Surf lessons are 90 mins in total with approx. 30 mins of that spent on dry side instruction and five minutes for changeover.

Is barmouth good for surfing?

Barmouth Beach It’s a beach break that works in all tides and offers waves that are suitable for beginner surfers. Ideal winds are easterly, and ideal swell is south westerly. The quality of surf here is very much dependant on the swell of the ocean – it can get good on occasion.

Is Anglesey good for surfing?

Anglesey. The island of Anglesey has surfing beaches on the south-west coast between Rhosneigr and Aberffraw. A south west wind together with a big swell provides the best surfing conditions which are generally in the winter months.

Can you surf in Barmouth?

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