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Are Kobalt Tools good for mechanics?

Are Kobalt Tools good for mechanics?

The Kobalt brand was made to compete with the Craftsman, and they have been doing a great job at it. The Kobalt tools warranty also assures its customers of a long-term service of about five years, which is a great offer for any mechanic to turn down.

Are Kobalt tools high quality?

Known for its dependability, imported components, and attachment capabilities, Kobalt offers high-quality tools at a fraction of the cost. As always let’s take a look at some of the best-selling Kobalt products and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

Are Kobalt Tools Made in USA?

Many of the Kobalt ratchets, sockets, wrenches, and drive acessories were made by Danaher in the USA . The same company has the made Craftsman tools such as those for over 20 years.

Are Kobalt Tools made by Snap-on?

The first is from Bob Payne of Cornwell Tool Distributor – He indicates that Kobalt is not made by Snap-On. The second is from Heidi Schuck of Husky Tools with more information on Kobalt tools not being made by Snap-On.) The third from Dave Johnson about the new vendor for the Kobalt line of tools.)

Are Kobalt and snap-on the same?

Okay, here’s more than you ever wanted to know. Lowes now (as of earlier this year) is selling a line of Mechanics Tools called Kobalt which is made by Snap-On. Home Depot’s Husky brand is made by Stanley Mechanics Tools, a division of the Stanley Works.

Does NASA use Snap On Tools?

When NASA decided to build its flagship rocket, Ares I, they used the industry’s flagship tools. Snap-on supplied the tools to build the next generation rocket that will support the International Space Station – and send Americans back to the moon.

Which is 300 piece mechanic’s tool set in Kobalt?

This advanced 300 piece mechanic’s tool set is a PRO solution for your home garage, allowing you the utmost in organization! Intelligently designed and engineered for serious, high-stakes projects, Kobalt tools are built to take on-the-job punishment while delivering dependable, impressive results.

How many pieces are in a Kobalt 439 piece hand tool set?

We reserve the right to discontinue or alter these terms at any time. Our new 439-Piece mechanic’s hand tool set contains 1/4-in, 3/8-in and 1/2-in drive sockets, ratchets, wrenches and other assorted tools to help complete any job

What should be included in a Kobalt tool chest?

Also included are extensions and drive adapters, a breaker bar, two driver handles and hex keys, nut drivers, insert bits and two spark plug sockets The EVA foam trays are a total upgrade to any tool chest, giving each tool a labeled storage place when not in use, allowing you to find any tool when it is needed

What do you need to know about Kobalt pro90?

New Improved Precise Pro90 Ratchet 90-tooth gear delivers a 4 degree precision swing that offers improved mobility in tight work spaces This set includes 1/4-in, 3/8-in and 1/2-in drive sockets, ratchets and other accessories Other tools include a magnetic bit driver, spinner handle, 12pc nut driver set and 19pc insert bit set to simplify any task

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